Does chiropractic research give more or less credibility to medical research in the cure, treatment, alleviation of disease if the chiropractic research is into disease?

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  1. doc john 01/23/2017, 12:35 pm:

    Yes, IF they are mature enuf to see it for what it is. Realistically most likely no..,, their Educated Mind will not allow for it. None so blind….

    • Joe Strauss 03/23/2017, 6:47 pm:

      “….as those who will not see” One disagreement I have with BJ is that he apparently maintained that a wrong decision was an educated one and that his decisions were coming from his innate intelligence and were correct/perfect. I have seen and made enough wrong decisions (and so did BJ!) that I am convinced that educated decisions can be right or wrong depending upon how much good information etc. we put into it. Part of the “quality” of the information is whether we view it in light of what the innate intelligence would do if it could (which it cannot).I’m not sure that “maturity enuf” is the best criteria. Sometimes “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks”.

  2. Bryson 01/24/2017, 12:33 am:

    If anything, chiropractic research into the treatment of disease would take away medical research into the treatment of disease.

    How can one accurately compare the outcomes between an improved functioning NS (via LACVS) and a body acting differently because of an outside a chemical substance? One is based on improved human potential and the other is based on changing the symptomatology.

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