Performing the Adjustment


The key to doing is to know what you are doing before before you are doing it, while you are doing it and after you have finished doing it.

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  1. Mike 01/31/2017, 7:22 pm:

    Dr.Strauss–Just curious–what was your criteria for your post adjustment ? how did you determine if you corrected the subluxation or not ?
    You personally–in your office.

    • Joe Strauss 01/31/2017, 11:04 pm:

      Mike, I used what was called muscle palpation and what Reggie called “vertebralle”. It is based on the idea that the innate intelligence does not want a vs, and will try to correct it using the para-spinal muscles, which he called ‘working muscles”. If they were successful the vs would be corrected. If not their “working” could be felt and the amount of force would only be that needed to add to the muscles already working.(that’s why light force techniques, if introduced properly, work.)I did a lecture on the philosophy of it @ PCSC in the 90’s but the technique seminar is presently taught by Dr. Nick Spano.

  2. Tom 01/31/2017, 11:40 pm:

    Mike, here is an article I wrote based upon Reggie’s and Joe’s (I had Joe as a teacher in chiro school) teachings on muscle palpation:

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