Chiropractic Gets Sick People Well-Not!


The idea that chiropractic gets sick people well causes the following problems:
1. It undermines the truth that the innate intelligence of the body gets sick people well (subluxated or not). Just better without subluxation.
2. It causes the public to think that chiropractic is only for sick/symptomatic people and not for asymptomatic people and children.
3. It promotes the idea that something other than the innate intelligence of the body gets sick people well.
4. It allows people to add other things to chiropractic (personally or by legislation) and conclude/claim that they are chiropractic and GSPW. It promotes mixing.
5. It distorts/confuses what getting well means.It supports the medical idea that getting rid of symptoms means getting well OR that we are redefining what getting well means apart from the accepted definition.

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  1. len Edwards 02/01/2017, 4:46 pm:

    I have been in practice for almost 40 yrs and CANNOT explain to anyone innate. They look at me like i am crazy. I love my ability to deliver the opportunity for innate to heal the body but people do not understand. I am beyond frustated. I dont know how to tell how the body heals and appartently they dont care.JUST GET ME OUT OF PAIN. Can you help me?

    • Joe Strauss 02/01/2017, 9:18 pm:

      Dr. Len, I have practiced for 46 years and never had anyone fail to understand innate intelligence. Remember we are not responsible for their acceptance of its importance.

  2. len Edwards 02/01/2017, 5:07 pm:

    thank you am looking forward to talking chiropractic to the uninformed

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