It takes two for the expression of truth, one to speak, one to hear-Thoreau

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  1. JJ Lob 03/03/2017, 6:54 am:

    To hear or to listen? because what you hear is not necessarily what was said!

  2. David Suskin 03/09/2017, 3:05 pm:

    Is the expression of truth the same as the expression of intelligence?

  3. Claude Lessard 03/10/2017, 12:19 pm:

    Since this is a chiropractic blog, according to the AUTHORITY of chiropractic’s basic science, the start point of chiropractic is the major premise. “A universal intelligence IS in all e/matter constantly giving to it all its properties and activities thus maintaining it in existence”. Whether or not truth is only the maintaining of e/matter in existence is a question beyond the major premise. šŸ˜‰

  4. David Suskin 03/10/2017, 1:31 pm:

    Can a metaphysical actuation that we call a truth not represent intelligence and can the metaphysical existence and behavior of what we call intelligence not equate to truth?
    What is the Chiropractic definition of intelligence?
    I hear your stead fast inclination to stay within the principles, but I seek to only understand and integrate intellectually the meanings of terms

    • Claude 03/10/2017, 2:22 pm:

      There are countless pages within the Blue Books and the Green Books about universal intelligence and on this blog. I’m sure that you will satisfy your understanding if you so desire. šŸ˜‰

      • David Suskin 03/10/2017, 2:35 pm:

        I read them all, over and over (blue), etc. All the time
        It’s part of my stone removal šŸ˜‰

        • Joe Strauss 03/10/2017, 5:14 pm:

          David, The problem is that too many chiropractors leave them siting on the shelf. They are like food on the shelf or on the dining table. The food might look good but have no nutritional value, only the potential. “Reading them over and over” is just the first step. But they must be assimilated. (swallowed by understanding-acceptance as academic information and then digested (broken down into their component parts) meditated upon (taking that which is of value and “passing through” the rest). With food that is done by the ii of the body. For some the “food” of chiropractic is still sitting in their stomach, still of no value, except to cause a stomachache.The assimilation then can occur by acceptance (I “accept/believe” that) Thankfully, with regard to food, after the educated decision to swallow, it is all done by the innate intelligence of the body. With regard to the Chiropractic philosophy, principles and objective it is done by the educated intelligence. Innate intelligence does not take the place of educated intelligence. We can no more expect our innate intelligence to make chiropractic real to us than we can expect our educated intelligence to digest our food. They have different roles. Did BJ understand this?

          • David Suskin 03/10/2017, 5:41 pm:

            Nice analogy Joe, Nice! BJ did not understand this or perhaps wrestled with it. I know I do. I certainly am NOT one of the too many chiropractors,
            Your point concerning “assimilation then can occur by acceptance” obviously for me is hurdle I wrestle with. But I will say this.
            If the choice to think of LIFE as either a mechano/chemical process only vs one initially guided by an active organizing intelligence, ii, The Big Idea becomes a complete meal, digested and assimilated as I question and ponder your BJ green critiques.
            I think somewhere one needs to embrace some faith in a resound and sturdy beginning, even before P1. BJ believed P1 encompassed this. We in NTOSC do not, but if we do not, there must be something that accounts for the A in ADIO that is grounded and solid. I would think, that if that did NOT exist, the chiropractor will flounder, and mix and medicalize and slip and not check. I wrestle with that so called “beginning”. If you look around at most if not ALL chiro’s that thread will permeate their beliefs and actions unless that Chiropractor is Mr. Spock, but he too every 7 years will slip and not successfully check if that grounding of faith is not there, Perhaps, just an observation. It may precede P1 which Claude will poo poo or say it is not a 33P concern.
            But it reflect Human behavior. Just a theory. I’ve said it before. And I appreciate your feedback always

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