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BJ was a genius but he did not have all the facts (and some he ignored). Consequently. he lead/took the profession in a direction (TSC), as good as it was, that is unfortunately leading to its absorption and demise, rather than OSC which will lead to the facts of the 33 principles. The irony is that he stated them (the 33) first. When “straight Chiropractic” and its schools adopted the need to diagnose to discern which diseases could be reasonably expected to “respond” to chiropractic and research started addressing disease and its cause the “broad road leading to destruction” was started down. What was the main principle that he stated but ignored?

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  1. Matthew Alvord 03/22/2017, 1:51 am:

    25. The Character of Innate Forces – The forces of Innate Intelligence never injure or destroy the structures in which they work.

    Within this principle, there is no need to judge any of the effects of Innate structures as being wrong or abnormal through a diagnosis. The only concern of the Chiropractor is in the key phrase “in which they work”. When there is interference due to vertebral subluxation, Innate is not working through the structures it previous had and could again.

    • Joe Strauss 03/22/2017, 8:05 pm:

      “When there is interference due to vertebral subluxation, Innate is not working through the structures it previous had and could again. “Perhaps!” Our role begins and ends with the introduction of an educated universal force. What happens after that is the role of the intelligence, force and the matter of the Practice Member’s body.

  2. Richard Doble Jr., D.C. 03/28/2017, 5:13 pm:

    Joe, That is the bone of contention that Reggie and You have with B.J. Palmer. I see it differently, If someone has a vertebral subluxation they are sick, when the subluxation is removed that person is well in that regard. Also you guys don’t seem to put any importance on the hyphen in dis-ease. dis-ease and disease have two different meanings. V.S. causes dis-ease not disease. BJ never used the word without the hyphen after 1927, maybe Stephenson had something to do with that.

    • Joe Strauss 03/29/2017, 3:41 pm:

      If that is truly ‘the bone of contention”, I wish it was the only one, we could clear it up very easily. It depends upon ones definition of “sick”. It only appears to be only defined that way by (very few) chiropractors.No one else defines it that way from the WHO to the medical profession which doesn’t even recognize the Vertebral Subluxation (as we define it) as existing let alone causing someone to be sick. Why did BJ not include that in the 33 principles? How come BJ did not emphasize asymptomatic people needing chiropractic care to correct the “cause of their sickness“. Sick has the implication of exhibiting the manifestations of a medical condition a state/condition which is accepted by the medics, the public, and most chiropractors. Why do you think BJ added P. # 24, limitations of matter and did not specify that it was only that limitation of the nerve system’s matter that was involved? By using the hyphen, BJ was implying something different than disease as I also do in all my writings. Good question. Thank you.

      • Claude 03/30/2017, 2:40 pm:

        Of ALL the principles of chiropractic’s basic science (ALL written by BJ), principle 24 is the one that BJ NEVER used in his writings. For BJ, EVERYONE with perfect expression of innate intelligence through e/matter would manifest the same “genius” as Marconi, Edison, Beethoven, etc… (as if Marconi, Edison and Beethoven were “NEVER” subluxated?). That’s the problem of “personification” of law (anthropomorphism) which BJ promoted. –

        – First of all, the function of e/matter is to express FORCE (pri.13) and not intelligence. Therefore, the body expresses innate FORCES (which is information). The body is conceived with limitations of its e/matter (pri.24). At birth, EVERY member of EVERY species of “living things” has different limitations of e/matter depending upon genetics, hereditary factors, culture, upbringing, environment, etc. Principle 24 states that innate intelligence will adapt universal forces and e/matter WITHOUT breaking a universal law. This means that if my genes do not possess Beethoven’s propensities towards music, I will NOT compose a symphony, like he did, due to the limitation of my e/matter. I think you can see that it is rather obvious. –

        • Joe Strauss 04/01/2017, 12:02 pm:

          Good observation Claude! I think this goes back to BJ’s basic philosophy of chiropractic, at least in his later years especially after he developed the HIO technique. He seemed to think/imply that the only limitation of the body was the limitation of the individual to express the forces of the innate intelligence at the Atlas-Axis region, due to vertebral subluxation there. I think we all understand the importance of VS in the upper cervical spine but we would not maintain that that is the only limitation and that there are not genetic ones either inherited or acquired hence his idea of the “’genius’ as Marconi, Edison, Beethoven, etc…” Reggie, contradicted this thinking with his statement “if you want to be truly healthy choose your grandparents wisely.” BJ had a “supernatural” concept of innate intelligence, that its perfect expression could overcome any and all limitations of matter including genetic ones. Do you think that Flesia, Riekman, and Pero supported or gave credence to that idea with their (short-lived, new age) 70’s concept of “the birth of the magical child.”?

          • Claude Lessard 04/01/2017, 12:36 pm:

            Whenever you remove the period, you speculate beyond the chiropractic objective. According to the AUTHORITY of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science, the start point of chiropractic is the major premise and the end point of chiropractic is the chiropractic objective. Period. –

            – Joseph Chilton Pierce is a humanity educator questioning childbirth procedures and child rearing based on the work of Jean Piaget. He wrote a few books regarding this subject. “Renaissance” seminars used Pierce’s book to highlight the “first” subluxation and its tragic consequence to the child’s potential. While it is interesting to follow, it is beyond the chiropractic objective.

  3. David Suskin 04/01/2017, 6:56 pm:

    Since the observation discovery appreciation understanding deduction fulfillment of the 33Ps, and the getting and giving of adjustments (the Chiropractic Objective) is an educated intelligence endeavor, that the oibu viewpoint basically addresses issues involving the enormity of mankinds suffering, what does adio viewpoint truly accomplish besides perhaps noting what physical reality (non living and living) is?

  4. David Suskin 04/01/2017, 6:57 pm:

    How can you maintain an ADIO viewpoint in a suffering world

    • Claude Lessard 04/02/2017, 12:03 am:

      For a chiropractor? By practicing the chiropractic objective. PERIOD. 😉

  5. David Suskin 04/02/2017, 10:48 am:

    If the “checking” is so simple (practice and understanding of the CO), why the ease of slipping?

    • Claude Lessard 04/02/2017, 2:17 pm:

      – “Choose what is right, NOT expedient and wash YOUR educated mind of ALL compromise”. 😉

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