Sherman College’s Contributions


Since its establishment in 1973, Sherman College has been responsible for some of the most important aspects of chiropractic and their success.They include:
1. The recognition that chiropractic should be defined by its objective.
2. The “resurrection” of the H.I.O./Upper Cervical Technique.
3. The need for/importance of the Lay Lecture/Orientation.
Which one do you think will be the first to fall by the wayside because of pressure by CCE, either to the school or to the profession?

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  1. william hollensed 04/03/2017, 1:52 am:

    The line is drawn in the sand. It will not yield.
    Pressures of economics with cause severe attrition in the ranks of chiropractic not grounded by philosophical absolutes. CCE will inevitably become yielded to OSC as the profession is abandoned to only those who practice for the love and service of it. The schools not grounded in philosophy will become entities of other educational pursuits, Those who do not embrace OSC will move on to easier money. Hang on we win….

    • Joe Strauss 04/03/2017, 6:31 pm:

      I like your optimistic outlook! You present good arguments. The only fly in the ointment is whether there will be any schools left, or that the CCE will take all of them down when/if it self destructs.

  2. Joe Donofrio 04/03/2017, 4:59 pm:

    There is a clear lack of desire and will in the profession to define us by Objective, as if the professions problems come from such clarity of definition! All of the varied forms of mixing ( various forms of therapy with one Objective, “getting sick people well”) are marching to the back door of Allopathy while the TSC folks hold tight to anti-vacs, wellness ,health advice and the like to salve their egos while VS and the adjustment are slowly removed from Chiropractic. TSC and OSC must be reunited into a singular objective…….”those who correct VS”, with no following statement added or needed………Let’s get started!!!!

    • Joe Strauss 04/03/2017, 7:48 pm:

      Joe, Clearly, the TSC opposes that idea, although they give no argument against it, except that it (OSC) challenges the authority of the icon of chiropractic, BJ Palmer, which the mixers also challenge. TSCors also support traditional anti-medical activities and pro-health (but not chiropractic objectives) like nutrition, exercise anti-drug and anti-vaccination.These, according to OSC, are personal issues not chiropractic. I think this will cause many TSCors to either become OSC or join the CCE/mixers. They will have to make a choice as thy did in the mid-70’s. For many, it will become a matter of economics as Dr. Hollensed wrote before. Those who see chiropractic as a way to make more money will have to decide whether becoming a part of the profession is really a feasible choice.

  3. Ronen Mendi DC 04/04/2017, 10:33 am:

    Thank you Dr. Joe,
    I think that the SubLuxation or Dis-Ease a defense mechanism for Life.
    People/Clients will be able to express and experience more life, when this defense mechanism is active and free to be used, as it was intended to be.
    The CCE… We should know our values. ChiropracTic values, and then we wan’t need the approval and comparison to another profession.

    • Joe Strauss 04/04/2017, 1:37 pm:

      Ronen, I have heard that theory. I believe it was first proposed by the late Dr. Susan ? (I cannot remember her last name). I never could see/understand the basis for it…. and still cannot! Perhaps you can explain it. It seems to me that anything that causes a lack of something, life, (the expression of [innate] intelligence through matter) cannot enable one to express more of that life. Does lack of breathing or being hanged or decapitation or a lack of a heartbeat enable one to express more life? Christian theology teaches that “to be absent from the body (seperation of the soul from the material body) is to be present with the Lord”. But that is a theological construct and not chiropractic philosophy.

  4. Claude Lessard 04/04/2017, 8:54 pm:


    Subluxations further increase the limitations of e/matter. This literally means that e/matter is less capable to adapt. Subluxation is NOT a defense mechanism. Subluxation is an interference to innate forces (pri29) which causes incoordination of DIS-EASE (pri30). In other words, subluxations interfere with the principle of coordination (pri32).

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