The Uniqueness of Chiropractic’s Objective


A major problem with the acceptance of so-called chiropractic philosophy is that in doing so many chiropractors accept outside-in approaches and/or approaches that while they are not necessarily outside-in or even wrong, they are not part of the uniqueness of the chiropractic objective. An example of the latter is the use of nutrition and or supplements as part of the practice of chiropractic.They are not necessarily wrong or should not be personally utilized. They are just not part of the chiropractic objective.

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  1. David Suskin 04/05/2017, 12:08 pm:

    We need to ask ourselves Why the need (behavior of) for including More service than the CO supplies. Within that need is the answer to this I’ll suggest dilemma. I have my theories.

    • Joe Strauss 04/05/2017, 1:01 pm:

      Limitations of matter coupled with the desire to prolong human life or the time of human death. Both of which are the extension of each other and the objective of the practice of medicine, not OSC. The practice of medicine is a practice/objective which is ultimately unsuccessful in members of the human race. David, I would like to hear your theories.

  2. David Suskin 04/05/2017, 4:51 pm:

    Isn’t the objective of medicine also to alleviate physical and emotional suffering? To allow function where function is lost due to LOM?

  3. David Suskin 04/05/2017, 8:32 pm:

    …While life is prolonged. While life is Not prolonged OSC is just as ineffective.

    • Joe Strauss 04/06/2017, 1:43 pm:

      There are many factors that determine the extent or quality of an individual’s human life. Chiropractic care may or may not affect either, both or neither. But since the adjustment often affects life (the expression of intelligence[metaphysical} through matter[physical]) on a metaphysical/nonphysical level, we cannot determine it on a physical level alone (the problem with “chiropractic research”) and it must be ascertained by a method other than empiricism, either rationalism (deductive reasoning) and/or faith (belief in the authority of the 33 principles).

  4. David Suskin 04/06/2017, 3:08 pm:

    Then how in the name of “___” do we charge for IT, exactly it, not manipulative care, treatment, therapeutics, etc.
    As perfectly understood to a PM, how to we offer, charge for this Chiropractic necessity, LOM, in a WORLD of competing monetary THINGS. And how does one truly embrace some enormity of value to offer humanity in comparison to let’s say a cell phone, a baseball, a drug – That 100% does something tangible.
    For me, it’s like I fell in love with a trade that as misunderstood did something phenomenal but in actuality does No-thing, no physical thing conclusively. It’s a big reality let down. Mixing is the attempt to offer a Something, a reality to justify a charge for. I do sound like a broken record I know. But I do realize that many DC’s have and do, but for me there is such a level of inconsistency I forge ahead in spite of my personal quagmire.
    Thank you Joe for being here and supplying books, viewpoint and a forum to wrestle with the attainment of Truth.

    • Claude Lessard 04/06/2017, 10:02 pm:


      How in the name of ” ” do they sell NASCAR races? Circque du soleil?
      The Olympics? The Masters Golf Classic? One of YOUR Jazz Concert with Trane? Could it be perceived values? Yea, that’s HOW you charge for IT! If you can’t put a $ value to IT, do the BOW! That will assuage your quagmire alright! 😉

  5. David Suskin 04/06/2017, 10:35 pm:

    The BOW???
    Perceived entertainment value is implied in Entertainment Activities (sports, music, etc. ). We could discuss the how’s and why’s of that.
    But, Chiropractic? So now it’s The Chiropractic Circus that dictates its success, its value to the public?
    I understand what you’re implying but…
    Ok 1st things first.
    What is BOW?

    • Joe Strauss 04/11/2017, 12:02 pm:

      David, I wish they had a box on the wall at some “entertainment activities” I’ve attend. I would have gotten rid of some loose change in my pocket. I understand that some restaurants have utilize a “Box” according to newspaper accounts. The problem is that beside the cost of “service”,you have the cost of the product and the restaurants overhead. We do have the “tip” which is to cover the service, although they do give a suggested amount, a method some box chiropractors utilize (usually before they abandon the system altogether)

  6. Claude Lessard 04/07/2017, 12:36 am:

    Box on the wall!

    • Joe Strauss 04/10/2017, 1:06 pm:

      Thanks for that Pivot Review article Tom!
      You can understand and practice Objective Straight Chiropractic without “a box on the wall” But you cannot have a box on the wall practice (not for very long anyway) without first truly grasping the idea of OSC.

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