Evolution, or Revolution or…?


In BJ’s 1957 text Evolution or Revolution he contrasted the ADIO and outside-in viewpoints and posited that the former (ADIO) was a contrast to the latter (OIBU) and that it would eventually supplant it. So… chiropractors, how’s that idea working out? We must understand the difference between the two actions. The so-called “American Revolution of 1776” was much different than the French Revolution of 1791 and the Russian Revolution of 1917. They were both designed to overthrow the established government…and succeeded. In the case of the former, the king of France and the latter the Tsar of Russia. Both succeeded and both resulted in untold bloodshed. The American War for Independence was just that, not a revolution against England but an effort to sever the ties to the Mother Country. True there was loss of life but only because England could no accept the decision for independence and a war ensued, which we eventually won against the most powerful nation on earth at the time. Eventually other nations sought and won independence from England, such as India (Hindu) and Pakistan (Muslim) which were two that perhaps were not ready for that independence.
So how does Evolution, Revolution or Independence relate to chiropractic? In the words of cartoonist Walt Kelly’s character Pogo “We have met the enemy and he is us!” If we are an Evolution we are a failure. Frankly as a profession we are devolving, going backwards. Anyone with half a brain can see that is the goal of the CCE and it bears no resemblance to the objective of the Palmers’. If we as a profession are a strong>Revolution, well the majority are more like Benedict Arnold than Washington, Jefferson or Franklin. It, the majority, has gone over to the other side. I’m not sure what the most famous historical traitor’s original motivation was. Neither am I sure what the present thinking of the average chiropractor is. Perhaps it was the same…both Arnold and the chiropractors want to be on the winning side and they were unlike Patrick Henry and a few OSCors whose cry was/is “I know not what course others may take…but give me liberty or give me death.”

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  1. Russel Smith 04/18/2017, 12:10 am:

    Thank you for your work, be cause of a stroke that I had I no longer get to practice the work that I so love and mis!!!

    Thank you Dr. Strouse…

    Dr. Russel Smith 1-435-414-9042.

    • Joe Strauss 04/20/2017, 12:37 pm:

      Thank you Dr. Smith. Having also had a stroke (brain bleed) and no longer able to practice actively, I am grateful to be still contributing to the work that I also love. I would encourage you to look for/develop ways to keep on contributing. One way would be to keep on reading …and c commenting on this blog

  2. David Suskin 04/20/2017, 2:31 pm:

    It is my humble impression (observation) that
    An ADIO viewpoint accepts the relevance of (eg. stroke), being a LOM, yet understanding ii (ui) quest for a perfect “signs of life”, “active organization”, “adaptation” outcome in living beings. Educated intelligence functions secondarily.
    OIBU viewpoint, as a focus within therapeutics does NOT accept the relevance of (eg. stroke), where a suffering mankind (life forms) requests, requires the use of Mans Educated Intelligence (ei), to unravel the variables and functions of mechanism that permeates the function(s) of the physical body (living things), to provide adaptations (drugs, surgery, therapeutics) where LOM reign.
    2 different realities. One places ii(ui) as the master of life, with educated intelligence filling in the LOM needs, where possible, but without losing track of this congruity.
    The other, where Educated Intelligence serves man and mans need to defeat the scourge of LOM, things going wrong (suffering), lose of function.
    Evolution seems to fulfill mans ability to serve himself for his limitations acquired (stroke), to even prevent the development of.
    Revolution is based on principle (ADIO), where the reality of life, death and limitation is exacted, within principle.
    Yet Educated Intelligence, Mans ability to think, discover facts, manipulate the physical, seems to place man in a place of more control of his realities, limitations, needs, etc.
    My question? How does one NOT LIVE IN A WORLD OF DI-PSYCHO? Where Educated Intelligence is revered as a Necessity to ones living a long, prosperous, complete, comfortable, happy, safer, adapted, etc. etc. life.
    Problem? Is Chiropractic viewpoint an asset to ones LOM survival?
    How can one maintain 2 viewpoints comfortably?
    Is the “full expression of innate intelligence” enough to compete, view point wise, with a therapeutic focused humanity, within the viewpoint of one man, one chiropractor, one PM, or collectively among all people?

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