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So-called “chiropractic research” is merely demonstrating the known chiropractic principle (which encompasses the “33 principles of the Basic Science of chiropractic”). The problem is that unlike combining HCl and NaOH which always give us the same result, H2O and NaCl, all medical


chiropractic research involves living organisms which have so many variables(limitations of time and matter) that the best that can be done is to give the odds/percentages of success, having no value to the individual person unless they know their LsOM. No one knows all their multitude of limitations. But more important, while principles include LOM, (#24) the chiropractic objective does not.

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  1. william hollensed 04/19/2017, 2:15 am:

    When elimination of variables is key to scientific experiments and you deny the existence of subluxation your results are doomed before you start.

  2. Mark Romano 04/19/2017, 5:34 pm:

    Awesome and to the point!! Great insight! Humility in what we don’t know is so important

    • Claude 04/20/2017, 8:58 pm:

      Again, I am in awe about RW Stephenson. The way that he was able to synthesize from BJ’s many complex writings the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science, without ever mentioning, health, getting sick people well, symptoms and illnesses, is a task far superior than anything I’ve ever contemplated. Principle #24 may very well be the most important of all the principles… from the perspective of innate intelligence it certainly is, because innate intelligence adapts instructive information and e/matter for the body without breaking a universal law. In other words, innate intelligence (the law of active organization) is imbued with its own aspect of “humility”. –

      – In as much as innate intelligence is the wisdom of the body, it is subjected to the limitations of e/matter (pri.24). But what is this law of active organization? This is another of those concepts we have distorted in our very anthropomorphic oriented chiropractic of the mid-west thinking of the turn of the century. For most chiropractors, innate intelligence would almost certainly be the “big fellow” living upstairs in the physical brain, as BJ proclaimed and promoted. It would by synonymous as “Innate is great”, perhaps even “Innate, she is great”. Yet, from the perspective of the law of active organization, innate intelligence means “wisdom of the body”, and the proper translation of this term is, really, innate intelligence is whole and normal (pri.22 and 27). As, Reggie would say: “Choose what is right, not expedient and wash your mind of all compromise”. He emerged as one who has unified his mind and become totally committed to the principles. –

      – According to Reggie, this commitment takes place primarily within the educated intelligence which is the capability of the physical brain and which in turn gives rise to the educated mind which is the activity of the physical brain. When your educated becomes unified in commitment, that is, when it desires one thing only, when it can live in perfect alignment with that resonant field of mutual objective we called “the LACVS for a full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body”, then you “see that law of active organization” at work. This does not mean that you see the law of active organization as an object personified, but rather, you “see” through the eyes of your commitment and you washed mind of ALL compromise. –

      – So, unification of commitment and a mind washed of compromise is not about personification of innate intelligence; it’s about cleansing the lens of perception. It is worth noting that Reggie flags this particular epigram of BJ, as a core practice of transformation. In one of his last talks, he mentioned that “chiropractic is based on common sense and it makes sense to me”. Somehow, when educated becomes committed and washed of compromise (undivided whole), the rest will follow. –

      – So, chiropractors, if the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science make sense to you, then, “choose what is right, not expedient and wash your mind of all compromise”… the rest will follow. Carry on ADIO!

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