Not all pleasure is good. Not all pain is bad.

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  1. Joe Donofrio 05/05/2017, 4:43 pm:

    Actually, most pain proceeds good and most pleasure proceeds bad.

    • Joe Strauss 05/06/2017, 12:05 pm:

      I tend to agree but could you give some examples to explain, as it relates to chiropractic?

      • Joe Donofrio 05/06/2017, 2:07 pm:

        Examples: child birth, most pain in diseases increases before healing, “it’s always darkest before the dawn”. Examples: sex proceeds childbirth, a few drinks proceeds a hangover, eating great cookies proceeds weight gain.

        • Joe Strauss 05/08/2017, 2:46 pm:

          Do you mean proceeds (toward) or precedes (from/by)? I can see both under certain conditions:
          Example #1 sex proceeds toward childbirth… sometimes. It’s always (preceded) by sex (only one exception in history.
          #2. a few drinks may proceed toward a hangover,depending on the person’s ability to handle them.
          #3 eating great cookies depends upon how many, as to whether it proceeds toward “weigh gain”. which may happen without you ever eating a cookie.
          The issue that is most important to chiropractors is whether the vs must proceed toward a medical condition or a medical condition must be preceded by a vs. That’s a little tougher question but I would really like to hear your take. Thanks

          • Joe Donofrio 05/08/2017, 4:54 pm:

            IMO, all VS’s begin to make subtle physiologic changes somewhere in the body, But, not all changes are pathologic (ergo the “range” that is normal); not all changes will proceed to pathology (thanks to Ii’s striving to heal and maintain life); not all changes are determinable ( thanks to medical testing’s shortcomings) and not all pm’s live long enough to exhibit signs and symptoms and be diagnosable .Conversely. When a VS is corrected not all Ii’s will have time and circumstances required for healing.

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