Symptoms, Subluxations and Research.


A subluxation is the physical representation of the cause of DIS-EASE (a metaphysical phenomena? It is the the absence of something-(EASE/coordinated function). Disease, on the other hand is always the presence of one or more of over 18 hundred “somethings”, manifested by signs and or symptoms. (Try going to an m.d. for a diagnosis without any signs or symptoms! While symptoms may be non-material they are real. The metaphysical (the 4th) component of the vertebral subluxation is metaphysical and physical, (empirical components #s 1-3).We know that the empirical components can be fooled, LOM-the senses and the educated brain. No explanation that excludes the metaphysical can be more than part of the truth. only a “non-symptom” can be the indication of a VS. Yet we want to base our research strictly on the physical which can be fooled (medical diagnosis).

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