Do We Understand AND Apply Our Objective?


In college biology I was given an extensive explanation of Evolution. I learned (academically) that theory, but I never applied it or allowed it to effect my life, other than for the purpose of passing of the exam. I had already learned and believed/accepted the biblical explanation of creation. With regard to our chiropractic philosophy, how many have learned/are learning some philosophy in chiropractic school (or on this blog)

and how many is it affecting their life and practice?

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  1. william hollensed 05/22/2017, 3:42 am:

    It encourages me to know that there are others who hold the truths of the Bible and apply them to filter their worldview. I was turned off by a lot of chiropractic philosophy until I gained new perspectives on how to filter out the trash and keep the truth. Thank you for holding the truth and for making it practical

    • Claude 05/22/2017, 5:19 pm:


      May I ask you which part of chiropractic philosophy turned you off?

      • william hollensed 05/24/2017, 1:18 am:

        First it was the pantheism of the Palmers. Second, it is the low moral character of BJ. Also the move to the rented NCM and HIO to me, and the men who left from teaching at the college, was reprehensible.

        • Claude Lessard 05/24/2017, 3:38 pm:

          I did not know BJ personally. Over the last 45 years, I’ve read as much as I could of his writings and also about him. Did you know him personally?

          • william hollensed 05/26/2017, 4:02 am:

            I knew several who did. He was great in many ways but his flaws are what struck me the most.

          • Joe Strauss 05/26/2017, 2:58 pm:

            I understand your point fully and agree. But since this a chiropractic blog, I have chosen to address his (very few) chiropractic “flaws” since many/most chiropractors would not see, understand, or agree with, the others. As always, thank your input and perspective.

  2. Paul Kastuk 05/23/2017, 2:14 pm:

    It is a most beautiful thing how The scripture perfectly answers the four fundamental questions of world view which consist of 1 How did we get here? 2 What is our purpose? 3 Why is the world so messed up? 4 What is the solution?
    Another exciting aspect of scripture is how it validate chiropractic philosophy. For example the Major Premice is eluded to in Acts 17:25-28, Colossians 1:17, John 1:3.

    • Joe Strauss 05/24/2017, 12:44 am:

      Which Member of the Godhead (Trinity) is the Major Premise and these verses referring to?

      • Paul Kastuk 05/24/2017, 11:29 am:

        Dr. Joe to attempt to answer that question through texting would be

  3. Brock Wells DC 05/23/2017, 4:33 pm:

    I graduated from CCC in 2014. I’ve always enjoyed learning philosophy especially about life, it’s meaning and pondering the lessons it teaches. Chiropractic philosophy is what drew me into the profession (that is what my educated mind thinks; I’ve always been guided spiritual on this path just didn’t know consciously til recently.)

    Going thru the grind of the accredited chiropractic curriculum I allowed myself to be beaten down physically and mentally with the insurance model of chiropractic being more sophisticated and “scientific”; trying to justify the pain model of chiropractic. This is what dominates our schools. Because of my weak rooted philosophical understanding in school, that wasn’t cultivated or encouraged, this lead to suppressing the expression of my purpose (philosophy) that was given to me when I started my journey of becoming a chiropractor (I do take 100% responsibility though). That might be the reason for such a struggle when new DCs come out of school – FEAR (anxiety, low vibration) dominates and that never leads to good.

    I’ve been on a 18 month journey (which will last til my last breath) on seeking the Truth in all things. It’s been amazing the Knowledge, Love, Faith and Truth I’ve gained or more appropriately been granted. I’ve started growing my root structure in chiropractic philosophy and applying it to my practice and patients (PM- haven’t adopted that term yet). I’ve been adjusting with that extra something and expecting miracles because we can never underestimate the body’s ability to heal itself.

    In the bible, Jesus “charged” his disciplines with the ability to heal and cast out demons. That gift really helps give me strength and certainty in the simple, profound message of chiropractic to locate and reduce subluxations allowing the I.I. to flow as close to 100% as possible given proper matter and time (which is where I disagree with the medical profession trying to tell people how long they have or telling them how they are going to respond… only that person and God know that information).

    Since finding myself as a CHIROPRACTOR, people love that message and “feel, like a palpable feeling,” that I care and love them and it’s made my adjusting art so much better. My practice is starting to reflect it as people are naturally attracted our way.

    Joe, I’ve been reading your Chiropractic Philosophy blue book and this blog for about a year now. Also, there is a youtube video that is a portion of a lay lecture talk you gave that is awesome! So, I want to thank you for furthering my knowledge about Chiropractic. I will help so many people express life to the fullest and that’s exciting!

    ps- I’ve been doing facebook ads that are in video format. We are in an area of about 70,000 people and the ad has been going for about one month and it’s already been viewed 7,000 times. I hope I’m representing chiropractic well and it’s unbelievable how many people the ad is able to reach in a short amount of time. Plus,our promotion is a win-win… people to come in, get their spine checked and learn about and experience chiropractic for a minimal fee.

    • Bryson 05/25/2017, 5:36 pm:

      Brock, I graduated from CCCKC in 2002 and was disheartened to read that the school did not do a good job in teaching you the chiropractic philosophy. I checked out your website to read under the “Back Pain in Hutchinson” this sentence: “It also explains how chiropractic medicine can help to resolve them.” Chiropractic medicine? WTF!? You have a very, very, very, very, very long was to go in truly understanding chiropractic. You’ll also realize that you’re NOT a physician.

      • Brock Wells DC 05/26/2017, 2:49 pm:

        Hey Bryson,

        I appreciate you checking that out and even though by Kansas state statue chiropractors have “physician” status (whatever that means) I’m not a physician.

        Yes I have a lot to change on the website, it’s a stock response. I will always being learning more and more what it means to be a chiropractor but I have recently set a solid foundation for my understanding and now starting to grow my root system.

        When it comes to pain and treatments, we have to meet the patient on their level and thru the everyday office interactions I educate them about non-therapeutic chiropractic, adjustments, nerve flow and healing.

  4. Ronen Mendi DC 05/24/2017, 5:35 am:

    Thank you Dr. Joe,
    Actually I feel they did not teach me much philosophy at school. They gave me some very basic understanding of general universal philosophy, and deeped me in Chiro-Medical thinking.
    It hurts my practice 20 years later.
    Only in the last 6 years, I began developing my chiropracTic understanding.
    Thanks a lot to your books – Dr. Joseph Strauss.

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