Ever Seen a Dust Mite… or a vertebral subluxation?


It’s amazing how many things we take on faith/authority. I’ve never seen a dust mite. I’ve see pictures (I think) of one but that is empiricism. I must believe that the photograph is an /honest/accurate (electron microscopic picture) of one, that somebody actually took that picture and did not make up what one looked like. I must also reason (deductively) that those dead cells that my body’s skin sheds have to be gotten rid of by a living creature just I can conclude that because I eat dead carrots and dead cows, universal matter,(existing as matter with only universal intelligence, no longer alive) and my body makes it into flesh and blood.
I only perceived the existence of dust mites by rationalism the same way the ancient Greeks understood the existence of skin with pores (Greek Poros meaning passage from which we get the English word porous) to conclude that the pores allowed for the passage of fluid which was not blood, by deductive reason (long before microscopes). They used their reasoning powers to conclude that these “holes” (empirically)allowed for the loss of fluid which was not blood but “caused” dehydration if it occurred in sufficient quantity. We call that fluid perspiration on women, sweat on a man and we can corroborate its evidence/existence empirically and by faith/authority. My high school coach had us wear a rubber sweatsuit during wrestling practice to lose fluid/weight. My wrestling practice partner (who often had a “weight problem” maintained he ate nothing after practice….”just drank a quart of milk!”
How Does this relate to the practice of chiropractic?
The 4th component of the vertebral subluxation is not physical. It’s a metaphysical aspect and can only be “seen”/understood by deduction. True it is corroborated by the 3 components that are numerous, objective, and are empirically determined/manifested and the deductions of the 33 principles. But those empirical manifestations can be seen by anyone. It takes a deduction based upon belief of the existence of the metaphysical mental impulse not research, which anyone with empirical ability/knowledge and a limited IQ can ascertain. That’s why a medical doctor and a chiropractor can the look at an x-ray an come up with different conclusions.

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