UI as God


I can understand how BJ and many chiropractors (incorrectly) understood (and still do) the concept of universal intelligence as God. They understand as he did that there are principles derived from the Major Premise that are greater than the educated intelligence of a human being. However, BJ like the rest of us mortals, could deduce nothing further than his own limited educated mind, and stopped where Descartes stopped only instead of saying “I think, therefore I am”, (how God in the old testament defined Himself) BJ called that Major Premise, God, and allowed everyone to define/describe God for themselves. While most defined it in the Midwestern American Judaeo-Christian manner BJ could not, and, after searching religions around the world concluded the same as Descartes did, but rather than call it the “educated intelligence” as Descartes apparently did with the Cartesian Principle called it a part of the intelligence of the universe, confined to living organisms, innate intelligence, because he understood it really was superior to the educated mind. Present-day chiropractors who see universal intelligence as synonymous with God first, ignore the differences between the essence of God and the characteristics of universal intelligence and second, knowing (a little) chiropractic philosophy conclude that innate intelligence is “God in man” or refer to it as BJ erroneously did, ”the subtle substance of the soul.”

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