Chiropractic Apologetics


Definition:systematic argumentative discourse in defense ( of a body of principles in a body of knowledge or belief). The systematic body of principles includes the concepts of darkness and light, heat and cold, sound and silence. They demonstrate an entity and the absence of that entity which is created by removing the measurable effects of the entity. We need to explain to people that EASE and DIS-EASE are respectively the presence and absence of the entity EASE/Life. Instead we want to research disease merely a group of signs and symptoms that manifest the absence of life/light/heat/sound.

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  1. william hollensed 06/23/2017, 3:47 am:

    I have always felt when I adjusted a patient with symptoms that went away after an adjustment that maybe there was no “disease’ just a manifestation of interference. So I have always felt adjust first and then only send them out to get “diagnosed” if serious symptoms did not abate and might be an indication of a condition so far progressed medical intervention was needed.

    • Joe Strauss 06/25/2017, 6:36 pm:

      You’re not alone Doc. I think that many chiropractors use that thinking to some degree. But its weakness is that:
      1. It may be too late when the symptoms continue and the chiropractor decides for them to get emergency medical care, perhaps causing a malpractice suits.
      2 It causes many chiropractors to just take care of only (minor) musculoskeletal problems (something the CCE apparently would like all chiropractor to only address.
      3. It discourages the public to seek chiropractic care because the have no idea whether they are subluxated or not.
      4. In the asymptomatic person it delays chiropractic care , perhaps until after the VS is corrected, LOM make the PM’s body unable to heal.

  2. len Edwards 06/24/2017, 12:35 am:

    When I give a adjustment I expect innate place ‘HEALING” where INNATE knows where it can help the most. Remember. we do not SET vertebrae we place it into motion and INNATE places it where it is needed for that specific time

    • Joe Strauss 06/25/2017, 6:17 pm:

      I agree Len, sadly that understanding causes some chiropractors to use sloppy/non specific techniques. Happily, regardless of our technique, for the above reason the innate intelligence of the PM’s body still corrects a vertebral subluxation. I believe BJ said if you threw all you patients down the cellar steps, half would get well. That doesn’t justify poor adjusting technique, just emphasizes how fantastic this innate intelligence is.

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