The Major Premise


If we think that a principle (No. 1) holds the universe together, you are not even close to understanding chiropractic.

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  1. Richard Doble Jr., D.C. 06/25/2017, 6:32 pm:

    The finite is incapable of understanding the Infinite. B.J. I admit that I do not understand Chiropractic, Universal Intelligence or God. How can we explain either with 5 vowel sounds and some consonants?

    • Claude 06/26/2017, 4:40 pm:

      Principle 1 is simply the law of organization maintaining ALL of e/matter in existence… no more, no less, nothing else. E/matter is in turn subject to universal laws like gravity, thermodynamics, conservation of mass, and on, and on, and on… There is much more to holding the universe together including all other possibilities and potentialities than one law.

  2. Art Rehe 07/06/2017, 4:35 am:


    Is there a simple way of explaining what you mean when you say, ” I admit that I do not understand Chiropractic.”?

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