Can research and chiropractic philosophy co-exist/


No! Not if the “philosophy” is traditional chiropractic (getting sick people well). They represent different objectives and make it an either/or situation.

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  1. len Edwards 06/27/2017, 7:31 pm:

    Dr. Strauss, You are 100% correct. Most in medical field have zero interest in healing,

    • Joe Strauss 06/28/2017, 1:27 pm:

      Len, I agree. What would you say is the medical objective. if not “healing”,what?

  2. Richard Doble Jr., D.C. 07/03/2017, 4:20 pm:

    It has to. There has to be a way show measure what you did with your adjustment. For example, I know a massage therapist, he has all of these things he does, clears the aura, does something with the chakras. I can’t see auras or chakras so how do I know that he is doing anything, he could be a fraud for all I know, even if he has an elaborate philosophy for chakra work. We are not faith healers.

    • Claude 07/04/2017, 1:06 pm:


      The analysis that I choose is ADVANCED MUSCLE PALPATION (AMP), which is highly effective and innate intelligence oriented. It is a quick specific pre and post check of your adjustic thrust. It was originally created by Reggie in the 1960’s under the heading “vertabraille”. It was then developed by Miguel Bolufer and myself in 1975. It was further developed by a former student of Reggie and myself from ADIO Institute of Straight Chiropractic in 1980, Nick Spano and is currently being promoted and taught by Nick as well. – 😉

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