Guilt and Mixing


Is the failure of and the mixing that occurs from “getting sick people well’ the result of a guilt complex?

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  1. Art Rehe 07/05/2017, 5:40 am:


    I have no idea what you are trying to ask. the question makes no sense to me. Could you ask it in a different way/ different words?

    I know that for some reason you want to hide from the public that chiropractic care results in an average of 80% of people being able to completely get rid of a major health problem, and 1/2 of the remaining 20% have improved their health after all other types of care have of care have failed to help the patient.

    I not only don’t understand that attitude, unless you are unable to get those percentages of success, in which case you need to learn a resultful technique.

    I know that the only guilt I ever felt was when I had not told people about chiropractic and deprived them of the chance to get well.

    Certainly they will never hear about chiropractic from the media, or the medical people (though more and more of the latter are referring patients.

    • Claude Lessard 07/05/2017, 2:12 pm:

      If the chiropractor doesn’t communicate the chiropractic objective, it is because that chiropractor wants to provide the public what they expect… which is, for their chiropractor, to get their sick body well. Oftentimes, the chiropractor feels guilty for not helping enough… then, out of guilt, modalities are often introduced. It’s the spiral of Outside-In-Below-Up therapeutics that educated is comfortable with.

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