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  1. william hollensed 07/06/2017, 2:48 am:

    When I started out in practice in 1971 medicine was people driven and oriented. The doctors were in it because it earned them respect, a good income and satisfaction in helping people. The insurance came in and money was easy and some of those in medicine came there because they followed the money. Then hi-tech with the CT and MRI gave them tools. Then the endoscope to ease surgery. Salaries sky rocketed. A radiologist in the hey day of the 90s could easily pull in half a million dollars. The managed care lowered the boom and that chunk of change dropped to $150. In some states, like Illinois, the big cash brought the vultures in the form of malpractice attorneys. Defensive medicine became the norm there. So yes things have changed. Unfortunately there also was major marketing by drug companies to cash in on the hey day. While medicine can be life saving most of the drugs in this country are over prescribed – why not the patient wants them and it is too easy to give them out. Things like BP meds were once used until pressures were down but now are life sentences. I am not even going to talk about the extreme growth in the vaccination industry. So when all is said and done America still lags in infant mortality and other areas. If you can get them
    Robert Mendelson MD had great books on the subject. I cannot understand why anyone would want to abandon the uniqueness of chiropractic for the mess of medicine. I guess respect and money still sucker a lot of smart people.

  2. Joe Donofrio 07/06/2017, 4:14 pm:

    I agree William, I graduated in 1967 and viewed much of what you have seen. Simply put Medicine has gone from a “calling” to benefit human-kind to just another job. Sadly much of Chiropractic has also gone in the same direction.

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