Adaptability and Adaptation


We must differentiate between:
A. Adaptability- the inborn ability of an organism to respond to all forces whether innate or universal. It is the 3rd sign of life.
B. Intellectual Adaptation- the mental process (meta natural) taking place in the innate brain, a function of the innate intelligence of the organism.
C Adaptation- the physical result or the process of intellectual adaptation. Its expression or personification of Intellectual adaptation.
A. means you are alive.
B. means you are alive

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  1. Greg Dutson 07/08/2017, 3:59 pm:

    Agreed! Understanding adaptability is essential for a deeper understanding of chiropractic philosophy and the practice of chiropractic. A great read on this subject is Rob Sinnott’s new book; Textbook of Human Adaptability. I found it to be both educational and motivating in respect to the practice of principled chiropractic.

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