Cognitive Necessities.


We must understand:
1. Our chiropractic history,
2. Our present status.
3. Our future.

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  1. len 07/10/2017, 1:42 pm:

    I have been in our wonderful profession for 40 yrs and have come to the conclusion that D.D. and B.J.founded the greatest health care system in the world. Too many colegues dont understand their and our philosophy is to help innate balance it self and to allow healing to take place. Remember..the hearing was restored and millions have been healed, TURN THE POWER ON,

    • Joe Strauss 07/10/2017, 7:15 pm:

      You wrote, “Too many colleagues don’t understand their and our philosophy is to help innate balance itself and to allow healing to take place.
      Reggie Gold said, “Nature needs no help, just no interference.” Both of you neglected to say “….barring limitations of matter”, although Reggie explained that principle(#24) I have had my “power turned on” just about weekly for the past 65 years and last month I needed a hearing aid.

  2. Art Rehe 07/12/2017, 2:10 am:


    I have had hearing difficulties since my combat time in Korea. (Gunners Disease).

    Since that time (62 years) I have lived with the hearing difficulties without resorting to hearing aids. I couldn’t hear certain sounds at all, so the aids would not have been of much use anyway. So I was lucky.

    When I was in practice I found that wearing one hearing aid caused the patient to have reduced neural function (more, subluxations and more frequent subluxations, for example).

    Wearing two hearing aids was a health disaster. Apparently the electrical field that surrounds these electronic devices is much more powerful than the tiny microvolt of nerve energy.

    I was able to talk a number of patients out of wearing the darn things, by demonstrating to them via Kinesiology/Manual muscle testing, the effect. A majority of these in various periods of time under Fundamental and Toftness technique care improved their hearing , not necessarily spectacularly, but to some degree, enough that they were able to hear quite well w/o the darned aids.

    BTW, any electronic device, cell phone, etc. has seriously bad effects on the brain/nerve system, and of course on health.

    Especially the electric automobiles some people drive.

    “nough said.

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