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Is chiropractic research merely an attempt to prove the old theory that chiropractic corrects the cause of all diseases.. but by demonstrating it one disease at a time….or to demonstrate which diseases are not caused by vertebral subluxation?

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  1. Bryson 07/12/2017, 7:03 pm:

    Or maybe chiropractic research is done to show rhat VS causes nerve interference which results in a lack of well-being (a state of dis-ease) which may result in disease.

    • Art Rehe 07/18/2017, 5:19 pm:

      Or maybe it is done so that someone will have something to publish.

      It seems they do not really research anything. Just repeat the same “stuff” over and over again.

      It seems that if anything other than what I mentioned above, the only other reason for the “research” into the effect on individual diseases is to impress the reader with “Chiropractic success. And that research is not working…can’t work. People are too brainwashed by the Pharma, Medical, Govt. “Health Care Establishment” to pay attention or think straight.

      How about researching techniques to find which reduce nerve interference the best, being the safest, taking the least time per adjustment, and being the easiest to use, while being a pleasant experience for both Patient and doctor? At least that would be useful to the chiropractor.

      That research would be useful, don’t you think.

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