Metaphysical or Meta-natural


Meta physical is a term used by David Koch D.C. in his text, Contemporary Chiropractic Philosophy. The problem with the term is that it often carries a spiritual connotation ( something that Dr. Koch does not intend but apparently BJ did). I would suggest in a chiropractic lexicon it would be better described as meta natural. The Greek connotation of meta is; “with, along with, by means of…”If you understood ui/ii as God that would make sense. But if you view God, a supernatural being but not theistic, then it could not be supernatural or, above the natural. Yet you known that ui is part of things natural (chiropractic definition) and a plant or animal is part of nature but does not posses a supernatural Person or essence/characteristic. For that reason I would I would suggest a new term, one that describes the nature of life animate or inanimate but can not be confused with supernatural theistic concepts::
1. A plant or animal has a meta-natural component, innate intelligence and on an atomic level, universal intelligence (p.#1)
2. A plant or animal no longer alive like a rock has a meta-natural component universal intelligence.
3. A human being has a meta-natural component, innate intelligence and on the atomic level, universal intelligence AND a supernatural (theistic) component; the soul.

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