Our Principle/Objective


We must acknowledge that any understanding we have is based upon intellectually knowing the philosophy that we have been given, have digested , assimilated it and are applying it, and we have rejected some aspects of it because of their inconsistencies with the principle or its objective. That is what this blog is all about. Anyone who disagrees with the posts on this blog, it is because they or we do not fully understand this philosophy. The comments or discussion is for the purpose of you checking our or your slipping. The only other reason for disagreement, perhaps the most common one is that you have a different objective.

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  1. William 07/19/2017, 1:20 am:

    I see a lot of “people want symptoms treated and do not understand if I tell them about detection and correction”. I am going to call this fear of not having patients instead of greed for easy medical money. I practiced hand only spine only and thought I was straight. And I was but not objective.

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