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I am reading with great interest the thread of the Fellows of the College of Straight Chiropractic (FCSC) which I believe I am the oldest and longest standing member (is that redundant? Can you be “standing” if you are deceased?). It has been pointed out that the term philosophy is inappropriate and anachronistic at best. Chiropractors (particularly mixers have pointed out that Chiropractic Philosophy is a misnomer and that the Philosophy of Chiropractic is grammatically correct.
My knowledge of French is sorely lacking which has been suggested but not translated. for this reason I would suggest that the term philosophy be replaced with (look up the term) RATIONALE which I believe more clearly describes our profession, based upon its deductive reasoning and our 33 principles which are scientific and/or empirical. Just a suggestion. Discussion welcomed. PS I will not be changing the title of my original text.

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  1. William 07/24/2017, 2:53 am:

    From my observation those who object to “philosophy” want to practice a medical version of chiropractic. They usually, from what I have seen never have a chiropractic replacement for the term they want dropped. Considering thot, dis-ease and subluxation I think we are fine with chiropractic philosophy. As far as grammar goes I think the phrase chiropractic philosophy is fine unless you have an axe to grind against the very essence of chiropractic.

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