Draining the Chiropractic Swamp


As we have seen in the political arena it does not just mean gaining control of both houses of Congress and the executive branch. It means removing the creatures that are unseen but still part of the swamp. We in the chiropractic profession are apparently in a similar position. Certainly the reasons for failure by the Republican senate involves more than just party lines. In a similar way, the failure of chiropractic to survive and thrive is because certain “creatures” in the swamp who claim to be chiropractors and maintain that they hold to tradinional chiropractic are merely swamp creature destroying chiropractic who BJ described as the ones “boring from within.”.

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  1. Richard Doble Jr., D.C. 07/26/2017, 9:01 pm:

    Yes, I agree but who are you specifically referring to?

    • Joe Strauss 07/27/2017, 3:38 pm:

      Anyone who would confuse, mix, or add to the chiropractic objective…purposefully or inadvertently.

  2. Brock Wells DC 08/01/2017, 2:43 pm:

    There are ads directed toward chiropractors about “add this or that to your practice and make more money”. I had an MD who taught at the Chiropractic College I went to tell class after class that the body doesn’t heal itself. Licensing boards by nature are evil under the guise of “protecting the public”. What is boils down to is who are you serving? Bob Dylan wrote a song about it. Jesus was very very clear about it in the gospels. Swamp creatures serve themselves; while others who seek Truth and chiropractors that adjust subluxations only serve their fellow man and usually something greater then themselves.

    • Joe Strauss 08/02/2017, 8:07 pm:

      Brock, I would have liked to ask him”if the body does not heal itself, what does? Perhaps that would have given you the opportunity to explain that the innate intelligence of the body does…. No…, that would have really confused him and brought up the existence of a meta-natural phenomena! I think that whatever they call it, they realize it is something beside the natural body. Whatever you call it, it is not natural “dead men don’t heal.”

  3. Richard Doble Jr., D.C. 08/02/2017, 8:15 pm:

    I think that the swamp is already full and they have guards and would not let a straight chiropractic in to pull the plug. I would be interested in knowing how many straight principled chiropractors there are besides myself.

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