Application of Chiropractic Philosophy as a Tool.


If the “chiropractic philosophy” does(is) not “work(ing)” for you…the fault is probably yours.

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  1. William 07/27/2017, 6:48 pm:

    Cruel, very cruel but very very true…

    • Joe Strauss 07/28/2017, 2:17 pm:

      If a hammer, that does not do the job, it is because YOU are using it incorrectly or YOU are using it for the wrong purpose. You are correct, doctor, sometimes the truth hurts. Chiropractic “to get sick people well” does not work and if it does, it is in spite of our intent, not because of it right but because it is a right thing done for the wrong reason and because the adjustment is ultimately done by the innate intelligence of the PM’s body in spite of us (or our intent).That’s the manifestation of grace just like a Whopper becoming flesh and blood and producing (some assimilated nutrition) is a manifestation of the grace of the innate intelligence of the body. Does motivation make any difference. I believe in the end it does and the motive of the OSC will ultimately be more successful than the motive of getting sick people well (TSC).

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