People your Mother told You Not To Hang Out With. Why?


Mother was afraid that they would influence you. She was not happy even though you promised that you would only have one drink or would not get addicted to cigarettes. Did you?.No TSC ever thought he would become a rank mixer (Excuse my pejorative term but it makes the point). He probably never thought he would become/was a (conservative) mixer. No addict believes he will end up in a “crack house” shooting up either. (Trying) to get sick people well is a slippery slope because the medical profession is doing it and the public accepts it. So why do chiropractors fall into that lifestyle? Because getting sick people well by TSC is enticing and even BJ was doing it. It take a concerted effort to avoid it. You can only do so by continually immersing yourself in good (OSC) philosophy avoiding hanging with those with a different objective and reminding yourself every day and explaining to PMs what your objective is. I explained to every PM, usually on the first visit or in the lay lecture: that “perhaps you have noticed that I don’t ask you how you feel. It’s because I don’t care!” Then I would smile and say, it’s not that I don’t care it’s because it’s not my objective and I cannot do anything about it. That would give me the opportunity and opening to explain the straight chiropractic objective and the rational behind it… OSC.

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