“Chiropractic Leaven…


…leaveneth the whole lump” Leaven is not bad but it represents something that must be kneaded (mixed) in with something else, and alters that something else and, changes it. If you want bread/dough to rise, or make beer, it is necessary. In the O.T. it represented something that was not desired and that the Jews,during the Passover, were to take great pains to make sure it did not get into their unleavened bread (matzo) It was not bad, especially if you were making a cake or a malt beverage. Leaven was a standard metaphor, always used to represent something that changed the character of what it was mixed with. Obviously, the context of the Bible does not relate to chiropractic but there is a clear analogy to chiropractic.
Getting sick people well is the “leaven” of chiropractic practice. That’s what DD was doing 1895. It was not bad but it was the medical objective, just a different method of doing it. While BJ developed and built a new profession from that date, gave us a new objective in the content of the “unleavened” 33 principles, unfortunately, he did not remove every speck of leaven as the Israelite were commanded to do. The medical objective is not bad in and of itself. That’s why BJ did not address it in the 33 principle, why original state laws forbid it as the objective/practice of chiropractic, why OSC does not address it either pro or con ecept to say it is not the objective of chiropractic.

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