A Human Being-Part 2: the being part.


While human is the material part of man, the being part is the non material part. It cannot be demonstrated empirically and must be determined by another form of perception (reason or faith/belief).Chiropractic uses (deductive) reasoning although most people use faith/belief.Although to use deduction, you must step out of chiropractic philosophy and into theology, just as he stepped out of chiropractic, leaving the 33 principles and mixed medical practice, by “getting sick people well”

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  1. len Edwards 08/05/2017, 11:12 pm:

    Thank you for your continued e-mails, I may not always agree nor understand but its wonderful for someone to continue our CHIROPRACTIC thoughts and life we were taught and learn to rely upon.

    thank you for your continued information. I may not agree

    • Claude 08/06/2017, 6:25 pm:


      COTB blog as I see it, is to challenge us to continually check our slippings (and there are many slippery slopes). It’s NOT about agreeing or disagreeing. It really doesn’t matter whether you agree with what I’m saying or you don’t. And would you like to know why? –

      – Because agreements and disagreements have to do with words and concepts and theories. It doesn’t have anything to do with truth. Truth is NEVER expressed in words. Truth is sighted suddenly, as a result of an attitude… and you may be disagreeing and you might sight the truth. But it has to be an attitude of openness, of willingness to discover something NEW and that’s what’s important, NOT your agreeing or disagreeing. –

      – After all most of the entries in this blogs are theories. No theory adequately covers reality. Now, all I can tell you is not the truth but the obstacles to the truth. Those I can describe I cannot describe the truth. NO ONE CAN. All I can give you is a description of your falsehoods, so that you can drop them. All I can do for you is to challenge your belief and your belief system that makes you unhappy, to point out your errors. All I can do for you is help you UNLEARN.

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