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Des a red blood cell, without the ability to reproduce, have innate intelligence? Why or Why not?

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  1. William 08/07/2017, 3:11 am:

    IMO yes because the RBC does specific functions under the direction of the Innate of the body. This is not the place for spiritual discourse but the Bible says “the life is in the blood” and I think there are deeper functions than we realize in our circulatory system. Nothing functions without Innate kcontrol in the body and blood is no exception. Innate is not the soul but is the manifestation and function of life

    • Joe Strauss 08/08/2017, 11:16 am:

      Doctor, Your answer …”Innate is not the soul but is the manifestation and function of physical life” is correct (see my response to Claude)!

  2. Claude Lessard 08/07/2017, 10:04 pm:


    A linving thing has an inborn intelligence within its body called innate intelligence (pr20). There are five signs of life: assimilation, excretion, adaptation, growth and reproduction. Only one sign of life is necessary for a thing to be living… therefore an RBC is living having a body… thus it’s having an innate intelligence. –

    – By the way, chiropractic principles have NOTHING to do with the Bilble’s view and concept of “blood”. –


    • Joe Strauss 08/08/2017, 11:03 am:

      Claude, you wrote ” chiropractic principles have NOTHING to do with the Bilble’s view and concept of “blood’”. – Just as chiropractic principles have nothing to do with the practice/objective of medicine. BUT they should not be mixed/confused. The context of that passage in Leviticus is talking about animal blood because an animal has no soul neither does a plant, but both have the same principle of physical life as does a human being but a human being also has a soul making him/her different than plants and animals which only have a body and ii. Both are separated from the body imperceptibly at the same causing BJ to incorrectly consider innate intelligence as the soul.

      • Claude Lessard 08/08/2017, 9:20 pm:


        Thank you for confirming that chiropractic principles have NOTHING to do with spiritual beliefs. It was one of BJ’s struggles… . He had many because he dared go in the deep where confusions and contradictions abounded… I’m indebted to BJ… and YOU for that matter 😉

    • David Suskin 08/08/2017, 11:23 am:

      So “blood” for transfusion essentially is an organ transplant. (Organ/tissue intelligence-refrigerated) to transfused (innate intelligence back in charge, hopefully)

      • Joe Strauss 08/09/2017, 1:07 pm:

        Claude, I would not say NOTHING. If you are a theist, then you would conclude, as I do, that principles (all laws including P.#1) are part of the manifestation of the Creator but making the creation/law/principle the Creator is called IDOLATRY

        • Claude Lessard 08/10/2017, 2:57 pm:


          The rational logic of the conclusion and the end point of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science is the chiropractic objective which is: LACVS for a full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body. PERIOD. The reason why OC puts the period there, is to show that “results” are NOT the concerns of the OC. Results for the OC are beyond the scope of chiropractic. –

          – In the same way the a priori premise and start point of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science is the major premise which is: a universal intelligence is in all matter continually giving to it all its properties and actions thus maintaining it in existence. How the law of organization (universal intelligence) came to be is beyond the scope of chiropractic. So WHY do you mention the sin of IDOLATRY, which is a spiritual concept, on this blog? Is that one of your slipping? 😉

      • Joe Strauss 08/09/2017, 1:08 pm:

        David, I would say that a blood transfusion is a cellular transfusion, a corneal transplant IS A TISSUE TRANSPLANT AND A HEART IS AN ORGAN TRANSPLANT (oops hit the caps lock!, sorry for interrupting your conversation with Claude)

    • William 08/11/2017, 3:38 am:

      I agree Chiropractic principles have nothing to do with the Bible’s view and concept of “blood”. However, while chiropractic should be limited to chiropractic, the Bible supersedes everything in it’s authority, impact, and influence.

      By the way the name of the profession is taken from two New Testament greek words – thank you very much Rev. Weed

      • Joe Strauss 08/11/2017, 5:44 pm:

        Only if you accept that Authority (and I do). However, while the 33 principles are not in any way contradicted by the Bible, they do contradict the “authority” of BJ. All the 33 principles were created by the Authority of the Bible. None of them are that Authority just the creation of them, created for the preservation of the human race (not angelic beings).

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