ADIO Analysis, Vertebraille, Advanced Muscle Palpation


The above subluxation analysis systems go by different names but whatever its called, it depends upon 4 Premises which are probably used by most chiropractors without even understanding what they are doing:
1. The innate intelligence of the body “hates” a vertebral subluxation-it is an insult to its proper function.
2. The innate intelligence of the body corrects VS- most of the time without us even knowing it.
3. The ii of the body uses innate forces (F) and the musculature system(M) to do it.
4. Innate intelligence is limited by limitations of matter Principle #24.
Conclusion: therefore if we can observe empirically , by palpation, or technology, and deduction what the innate is trying to do we can understand more about the VS and be better equipped to correct it.

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  1. Art Rehe 08/15/2017, 6:28 pm:


    All of these rely on the assumption that “working muscles” are trying to correct or at least limit the subluxation, as I understand the thinking.

    We can recognize the subluxated person by aberrant function caused by subluxation. How do you differentiate a “working muscle” that is not trying to correct, but rather is being caused by a subluxation?.

    • Claude Lessard 08/16/2017, 4:11 pm:


      Please visit Nick Spano’s website. You will find the answer to your question?

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