Contradictions cannot exist in the philosophy of chiropractic. Is your thinking ADIO or outside-in?

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  1. Claude Lessard 08/15/2017, 3:18 pm:

    That’s WHY chiropractic is SEPARATE and DISTINCT from EVERYTHING ELSE and INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE. 😉

  2. David Suskin 08/19/2017, 7:22 pm:

    Thought: We identify UI through the observation of organization. If organization implies a directed intelligent Plan (can something be organzed without a plan?), perhaps the construct, of “Plan” has a stronger implication than that of just organization? Or does plan go beyond, before, the major premise, P1? It’s interpreted onset?
    “Plan” vs No Plan does imply perhaps more than what could be called the expression of intelligence. That would be expression of intelligence with a purpose, not only to maintain the signs of life, but the WHY existence and biological life is maintained.
    Just a thought based on one of the many thoughts doc Strauss has expressed thru his writings.

  3. David Suskin 08/20/2017, 6:06 pm:

    Which is further reaching: Innate Intelligence or Innate Plan?

    • Claude Lessard 08/21/2017, 5:14 pm:

      David, –

      – Planet earth cannot function without the law of gravity… regardless of plan or no plan (Isaac Newton). –

      – The existence of e/matter cannot be maintained without the law of organization (universal intelligence)… regardless of plan or no plan (pri1). –

      – These universal forces cannot be adapted by the body of “living things” without the law of ACTIVE organization (innate intelligence)… regardless of plan or no plan (pri23).

      • Joe Strauss 08/23/2017, 3:05 pm:

        It depwends on whose Plan you are talking about God’s (theological) or BJ’s (chiropractic).

    • Joe Strauss 08/23/2017, 3:02 pm:

      I’m not sure what you mean by “innate Plan” Do you mean “intellectual adaptation”? Both are non physical. However, the former occurs in the innate brain, totally unknown to the PM. The latter is the result, the expression of the ii through the matter. It may be evident in the matter.

  4. David Suskin 08/21/2017, 6:20 pm:

    So “maintaining” or “functioning” or for that matter “causation” or “time” is the result of perhaps “NO PLAN”. Just random accident?
    What is Implicit in organization Cannot be deducted? We deduct intelligence? Can intelligence, which is directed toward some relationship (i >> f >> m), Be, without it also implying some Plan? Is not a plan the logic behind the operation of some relationship? (i >> f >> m)?

    • Claude Lessard 08/21/2017, 7:29 pm:

      It’s just outside of chiropractic’s domain… that’s your downfall and you refuse to let go of it. WHY?

      • Claude Lessard 08/21/2017, 7:31 pm:

        The plan or result of pri1 or 23 is NOT the business of chiropractic. Don’t you get it?

    • Joe Strauss 08/23/2017, 3:11 pm:

      It depends on whose Plan you are talking about God’s (theological) or BJ’s (chiropractic). Gen. 1:1 or Principle 1.

  5. David Suskin 08/21/2017, 10:04 pm:

    What I get is that COTB allows us to investigate and discuss the chiropractic philosophy. The philosophy is a pointer to some truth. We’ve identified a truth within 33 principles. Perhaps more principles are available to fully represent the basic Science of Chiropractic. Perhaps not. I seek to fully comprehend our chiropractic ADIO viewpoint and all that it implies, if it implies anything at all. Organization is said to be intrinsic to P1. The word, organization, is parsed from the MP in principle 22 (“proportional to its organization”). To be a successful chiropractor, to be able to deliver the goods the way I see it, one must be passionate and congruent. And fully committed to its principles. That takes both a head and heart involvement. For me. My head gets it. My heart? Well that’s another story.
    Do you think Reggie understood Organization, in his heart? I do. He, as one individual philosophical chiropractor, one OSCer Got the breath of chiropractic through personalizing, relating its salient features.
    For me, the polarity between Adio and Oibu creates a schism. Organization as the Inductive Start of you will to the MP does Not do it for me, at least up to this point, today. So I look to find that Word, that concept, honestly and accurately that ties things together. That is not a bad thing. Perhaps someone else, another chiropractor, a patient etc. requires that too. Ya know, words lie flat unless they become integrated into ones viewpoint. What comes first? The words or the viewpoint? Maybe a little bit of both.
    Anyway, you see “Plan” as extraneous, outside the realm beyond the scope. Not vital to. A departure from “full expression of innate forces of innate intelligence”? Perhaps you are right.
    I seek a truth to offer that inspires

    • Claude Lessard 08/22/2017, 2:33 pm:

      That’s what it means to trust the “big fellow” instead of the “pigmy”.
      (favorite of our beloved Dr. Steve Jones). R.I.P.

      • Joe Strauss 08/23/2017, 3:25 pm:

        Who is “the big fellow”? Are you putting on weight?

        • Claude Lessard 08/23/2017, 4:49 pm:

          The evolutionary process of BJ’s consciousness, in 1949 when he wrote “The Bigness Of The Fellow Within,” called innate intelligence: “The Big Fellow” and called educated intelligence: “The Pigmy”. And you knew DAT for sure… so, Joseph,” what is you sarcasm not saying? 😉

    • Joe Strauss 08/23/2017, 3:18 pm:

      IMHO… the viewpoint. You can practice chiropractic ( its word differ). iT DEPENDS UPON YOUR VIEWPOINT.

  6. David Suskin 08/22/2017, 3:03 pm:

    Yes RIP, and guess my “pigmy” dominates my educated int (circumstances and whatnot and LOM and yes choice).
    As far as Trusting, can one Trust any event or thing that is not fundamentally offered as part of some Plan? Isn’t Trust a “cousin” of Faith? Can one have faith in something that does not execute from the working of some Plan, asks the pigMe?

    • Joe Strauss 08/23/2017, 3:27 pm:

      We all have choices and different Plans.

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