Community Consciousnesss.


We cannot create a chiropractic community consciousness, without demonstrating the conflict between the ACA/mixer/OIBU model “when we have met the enemy and he is us.”

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  1. Ryan 08/22/2017, 1:14 pm:

    Until you understand the “enemy”, don’t expect to change them. In our offices we have to meet people where they are and bring them to a new place of understanding. I believe the same can be said of our brothers and sisters in ChiropracTIC. But I have found that if you start off a conversation with you are wrong or bad, you don’t come to a greater understanding with one another

    • Joe Strauss 08/23/2017, 3:23 pm:

      i DISAGREE Ryan. Reggie used to say that people are like wet spaghetti, They must be pulled, not pushed. To pull the you must be ahead of them, not pushing from behind. OSC is ahead, TSC is behind .

      • Ryan 08/23/2017, 8:46 pm:

        So you’re telling me that you never lend a hand down to Pull somebody up instead you Yell to come toward you? If that works I want to know how to do that. When I watching rewatch the chemistry of life by Reggie gold it reminds me that he was an educator he did little to no labeling or making anybody else wrong .

        Love you for the conversation

        • Joe Strauss 08/24/2017, 2:06 pm:

          Ryan, to ” Pull somebody up ” would be analogous to overcoming their volition. Reggie merely extended a hand (by giving them a brilliantly crafted explanation) and allowed them to decide for themselves. Some of us did, some did not. His hand down was the chiropractic philosophy, made simple. He offered to anyone who would reach up. BJ , on the other hand, extended his hand in the form of explaining the 33 principles and then pulled it away every time he said chiropractic gets sick people well, leaving some who rejected the 33 therapeutic chiropractors, some who reached up and grasped the principles OSC and some confused by his extending the hand and then pulling it away (TSC) confused.

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