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Why did BJ reject George Shears idea of making chiropractic as a religion while making universal intelligence synonomous with God?

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  1. Jack VanDervort 08/31/2017, 2:18 am:

    GOD/religion is about Love, Chiropractic deals only with the intelligence of God not the Love aspect.Love screws up intelligence. Just ask anybody who has been i Love!

    • Joe Strauss 09/01/2017, 2:01 pm:

      Jack, thanks for your input. I don’t think we can separate the attributes/essence of God. In chiropractic we only address one attribute …created organization both universal and innate matter. Only a God could manage to have all attributes without messing up one or more of the others. Innate intelligence is totally selfish. Unfortunately educated intelligence is too often also selfish. That’s why people fall “in” and “out” of love.

  2. Joe D. 08/31/2017, 5:23 pm:

    Ironically, lots of Chiropractors, most often people who worship BJ, see Innate and God as the same. Why would that be?

  3. William 09/01/2017, 2:25 am:

    The push to make chiropractic a religion was to dodge licensing laws. The mention of God in the Palmer’s writing was to pander to those who believed in God. Chiropractic is fine when UI and II are accepted as created entities without godlike powers.

    • Joe Strauss 09/01/2017, 7:58 pm:

      William, that seems to me to be an inconsistency on the part of BJ. Maybe he was not the authority in all matters, THEOLOGICAL!

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