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Is the chiropractic profession progressing or retrogressing?

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  1. len Edwards 09/03/2017, 11:10 pm:

    I wish I could say we are progressing but w/o the national financing ( vs the large pham com’s” it is extremely difficult..We must continue…to inform. We NEED a leader who wants to spend $$$$$, I am sorry so say that. I think we are stagnant.t

  2. Art Rehe 09/05/2017, 7:03 pm:

    You do not have to win and can not win on the enemy’s battlefield. You cann’t beat their advertising and money spending game anyhow. Become a guerrilla fighter.

    To H. with the crap they teach in the schools and those who tell you what you “can’t do”. Or must do. Get a good technique, do only Chiropractic and you’ll be fine and legal..

    Get hold of old texts, study, learn, never stop learning.

    Look up every chiropractor in your area, talk to them, watch them work. Realize 90% of them are failures, but learn even from them. Develop your own way of adjusting and of showing people how good you are and lucky they are to have you as their Chiropractor
    YOU be the best Chiropractor in your town. When you are the best. help another young graduate to be better than you.

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