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People establish their W&L viewpoint, to great degree, by the importance they place upon their methods of perception. Of course that is greatly the result of teaching and training. I grew up placing my importance on faith as the primary method of perception. I might add that I think most people grew up the same way. I was told by my mother to not touch the hot stove. I believed her because she had earlier told me she love me, I believed her and decided she had my best interests in mind (my ability to reason had yet begun to develop. The problem arises when authorities disagree. Who do you believe, put your “faith in? In college my professor presented evolution as a fact. My faith disagreed and there was no empirical data (no one had been around) to give input. Authorities disagreed and my faith said “In the beginning God…”, so I rejected evolution and never based my life on its tenets. When I got to chiropractic college, my philosophy textbook said universal intelligence was God. I accepted that until I learned (by my understanding of my faith that characteristics of God and universal intelligence were different faith plus reason minus authority (sorry BJ) Some concepts need faith/authority and reason. Some need faith and empiricism, some utilize reason and empiricism,

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