Conflict between Chiropractic and Medicine.


As soon as DD Palmer claimed to treat, cure, alleviate a disease condition, or its cause, the medical profession came after him, not because he was prescribing drugs. Their assertion was:
1.Any procedure related to disease or its cause was the practice of medicine, not just the dispensing of drugs, eg. communicable diseases.
2, After all they had been around for thousands of years and pharmacology was fairly recent.
3. There were many procedures that involved medical conditions but did not treat disease… setting broken bones, even manipulating joints, for centuries,

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  1. len Edwards 09/12/2017, 2:45 pm:

    In my humble opinion, the med prof saw Chiropractic was going to get into their pockets and had to find a way to end our prof and they have been much smarter than anyone in our prof due a unbleiveable pr program.”the hell with the health of people”

  2. Art Rehe 09/12/2017, 7:33 pm:

    When Chiropractic started there were so few chiropractors that organized Medicine just ignored them. Only medical doctors who were in competition with a chiropractor paid them any attention. A few of these egged the local authorities into arresting the Chiropractor for”practicing medicine (or sometimes “osteopathy”)without a license.

    It wasn’t until chiropractic was shown to be 50 times as effective as medicine during the “Spanish Flu” in saving lives that medicine even really looked at chiropractic.

    This record caused Dr. Winsor, M.D. at a Pennsylvania medical school to become interested in the Chiropractic contention that Nerve interference caused by minor spinal subluxations was the primary cause of disease. He did a large number of necropsies (75 or more) and found that in every case, there were minor misalignments or curvatures at the spine corresponding to nerve root origins that related to the patient’s associated pathologies. He published in two issues of the Medical World News in 1921, and those articles are still available in medical libraries.

    Now the AMA became interested in Chiropractic and using money provided by the Drug interests started to interfere with Chiropractic licensing, etc. in gradually advancing efforts to destroy the Chiropractic profession. (See Wilk vs. AMA, et al, when Federal Judge Susan Getsendanner found the AMA and other health care organizations guilty of conspiracy in an effort to destroy Chiropractic, a competing healing art. Only a brief mention of the AMA loss was reported by the MSM in the 10 years that this important and dramatic trial went on.)

    The war against Chiropractic still goes on, it is just not openly fought by the AMA anymore.

    If the MSM were honest and impartial we would be the leading healing art today, rather than being almost wiped out. Reggie had it right when he predicted during the 1972 Advancement speach at Palmer, what we have seen and are seeing now, because our leaders would not do what was needed to advance us.

    • Joe Strauss 09/12/2017, 11:22 pm:

      Revisionist history is really divorcement from reality. Were you around in 1021? or are you just mimicking the lie that chiropractic has promoted since 1895. Trump like early chiropractic succeeded in spite of the MSM. Like chiropractic Trump is floundering now as is chiropractic, as BJ said, from “the boring from within”. The MSM and TSC is merely aiding in that boring

      • Bryson Langel 09/12/2017, 11:38 pm:

        What lie has chiropractic “promoted” since 1895?
        No offense, but you are sadly mistaken if you think that OSC is at war with TSC. It seems that those that call themselves “OSC” are the only ones that use (or care about) those terms.
        Being an active state board member, I have seen that there is a faction within chiropractic that is actively trying to change us into “chiropractic medicine”. Insisting on denigrating “TSC” over “OSC” does nothing but distracts straight DCs by arguing among ourselves. It’s pointless and stupid and only benefits those that are seeking the demise of chiropractic as we know it. IMO, we need to either do your part to guard the Sacred Trust and respect other straight DCs that practice different from us, or shut up.

        • Joe Strauss 09/13/2017, 4:26 pm:

          The implication or the outright idea that chiropractic gets sick people well is/was a lie by omission/commission that has omitted the truth that it is the ii of the body that gets sick people well. Chiropractors would like to take personal responsibility for getting people well (unless of course they don’t get well, then its LOM.
          Chiropractic is already been changed (back) into “drugless medicine”. What’s different… the use of drugs?
          Why can’t/wont TSC come over to us? Is it because TSC is better or because BJ practiced that even though he established OSC by his 33 principles?

  3. David Suskin 09/12/2017, 11:38 pm:

    We should all have the cojones, the strength and fortitude that Our POTUS has. After all the slings and arrows he takes, if he can’t, no one can or could. Bottom line? A Gorsuch, No Clinton(god helped us). More.
    I have faith. No floundering. Learning. Navigating. God protect our President. But yes. The MSM and TSC and The Mixer is “The Boring from Within”

  4. Bryson Langel 09/12/2017, 11:51 pm:

    As for Trump floundering, give me a freakin’ brake.

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