A Human Being-Part 1: the Human part


Human is the material part of man. You are a human being Reggie use to say, “the statement ‘I’m only human’ is incorrect. If you were only human , you would be dead! You are a human being. While the human is material and exists in two states either living or dead, it does so by virtue of intelligence, universal and/or universal and innate. Dead people only manifest universal intelligence. Living people have both. Dead cells manifest in a living person only demonstrate universal matter. The cells of your body die regularly and either fall off, are washed off or are normally ridden of in some other manner. There is one another state… cell deprived of their innate forces are dead what I would call functionally dead. Do they revive after an adjustment, are resuscitated or likely as Reg also taught, new cells are created to take their place. My opinion is that it depends upon how long that cell is deprived of those innate forces. That’s why regular chiropractic care as soon as the vertebral subluxation has occurred is best and you cannot know that unless their spine has been checked for VS. That’s straight forward chiropractic philosophy 101. Questions, comments discussion?

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  1. Bryan Fall 09/17/2017, 4:33 pm:

    Chiropractors keep the human free & clear of thought impulse (innate force) obstructions, uniting the “being” (innate intelligence) with the human (innate matter). Is that correct?

    • Joe Strauss 09/18/2017, 6:44 pm:

      Chiropractors only introduce a (hopefully intelligently directed universal force to enable the ii of the body to remove that obstruction.That should keep us humble.

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