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Medicine’s success is based upon man’s ability. Chiropractic’s success is based upon the power/ability of the innate intelligence of the PM’s body. I choose the latter. TSC wants to make the choice. That is what split the straight chiropractic profession in the 1980’s. To make the choice necessitates diagnosis.

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  1. William 09/20/2017, 3:23 am:

    I suspect the survival of chiropractic has something to do with ability of innate to motivate action

    • Joe Strauss 09/20/2017, 5:41 pm:

      That “ability to motivate action has occurred with or without chiropractic…but better without vertebral subluxation, is the basis for chiropractic’s success/survival.

  2. Claude Lessard 09/20/2017, 2:51 pm:

    William, what you call “innate” is the LAW of ACTIVE organization. The LAW of gravity does NOT motivate, (it attracts e/matter to planet earth), it can’t motivate because the function of LAW is ONLY to act. The LAW of ACTIVE organization ALWAYS adapts (acts) universal forces and e/matter (pri23). –

    – Therefore motivating action that will foster the survival of chiropractic must come from a different source than LAW. What is that source of motivating action… William?

    • Joe Strauss 09/20/2017, 7:08 pm:

      Active organization is not active organization on an atomic level (P.#1) in which matter appears to have no distinguishing relationship with other matter except for an atomic relationship. BJ?RWS appeared to be distinguishing that living matter from universal matter as “active organization” (P.#20,21). The interrelationship between living matter and other living matter could be describe as “motivating action” (William’s term, different than NaCl and H2SO4) but only for human beings indicating, there is a higher/different level of intelligence than just ui and ii in human beings. BJ made no distinction between these two levels and described ii as the “subtle substance of the soul” which satisfied his chiropractic philosophy but leaves the theologian perplexed. I’m not sure we can reconcile theology with our chiropractic philosophy without adding a new/different dimension to man, one which theology does and BJ does not. You are correct in your description of innate intelligence as law ( the same in man and one-celled organism) but I am not sure that satisfies William’s need for the motivation from a different source. again, you are correct in that it leaves the metanatural (chiropractic) realm and gets into the spiritual/metaphysical realm, one different than merely an innate/educated one. Ui and ii satisfies the metanatural realm but it does not satisfy the spiritual /theological realm. Most religions distinguish between plants, animals and mankind, something that BJ apparently did not do. I hope I have not confused the discussion.

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