Making Good Practice Members


You cannot make good practice members; only they can. Each practice member must make a daily, weekly, and/or monthly effort. Your obligation is to clearly explain to them the value, importance, and rationale behind your care. That is where your responsibility begins and ends. The alternative would be to threaten them under pain of death or go to their home daily, weekly, or monthly and physically drag them to your office.

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  1. Joe D. 09/23/2017, 5:38 pm:

    “Threatening under pain of death” is an interesting choice of words Joe, because I’m convinced that VS causes cellular death, which leads to tissue death, which leads to organ death and then organ systems dieing. ultimately the organism dies……..If this is effectively explained to the Pm’s they should demand to have their spine checked regularly. Further, we do also have a responsibility to provide care during reasonable days and times and at a fee that is realistic for the area in which we practice. So Joseph I believe you over simplify our responsablities. Further, I have on more than one occasion “dragged folks into the office” because I so loved them and wanted to save their lives.

    • Joe Strauss 09/25/2017, 1:44 pm:

      That is perhaps the shortest most succinct lay lecture ever given. Thank You

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