Q&A #103 Analysis V. Diagnosis


What’s the difference between a chiropractic analysis and a medical diagnosis?

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  1. Bryan Fall 09/26/2017, 11:27 am:

    Medical diagnosis matters little so long as symptoms are alleviated.
    Chiropractic analysis matters much regardless of symptom alleviation.

    Medical diagnosis finds errors in body functions.
    Chiropractic analysis reconnects the body with the infallible source.

    Medical diagnosis is highly variable according to trending thought.
    Chiropractic analysis is constant and based on timeless principle.

    Medical diagnosis emphasizes educated mind (conscious, learned information and data).
    Chiropractic analysis emphasizes art and skill.

    Medical diagnosis positions the doctor as the authority.
    Chiropractic analysis positions the body’s innate intelligence as the authority.

  2. Art Rehe 09/26/2017, 6:05 pm:

    Medical Dx. is done for Medical purposes; First aid and Symptom suppression.

    Chiropractic analysis is done for Chiropractic purposes. Identifying Vertebral subluxations and their distortional listing.

    Two different professions, two different procedures, two different purposes.

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