TSC and Getting Sick People Well (GSPW) v. OSC (LACVS)


If TSC’s objective is to GSPW, even if it is by correcting VS, why does the chiropractor want payment even if the PM does not get well (probably the worst thing we copied from medicine). OSC, on the other hand, has the objective of LACVS (to enable the forces of the ii to be expressed more fully). This may or may not result in GSPW which is the objective of the innate intelligence of the body. That depends upon the intelligence (perfect) and its matter (limitations), over which the chiropractor has no control. For some OSCors the value of that is not tangible, hence some will not even charge a fee.

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  1. William Hollensed 09/25/2017, 1:28 am:

    I have never verified but have been told in Chinese medicine the physician only gets paid if the patient is cured. The impact of not charging does confirm chiropractic is priceless

    • Joe Strauss 09/25/2017, 2:10 pm:

      I think that was a long past historical approach of Chinese medicine and like chiropractic ,they have adopted the model (including the fee system) of western medicine.

      • Claude Lessard 09/25/2017, 10:25 pm:

        Regardless, OC needs to include TSC in order to be the guiding leading edge of chiropractic’s future. Not condemning the past… since without the past CHIROPRACTIC IS NOTHING! It’s time to grow up and find ways to lead that are inclusive not excluding. –

        – Chiropractic is NOT a “Country Club”!

        • Bryan Fall 09/26/2017, 11:00 am:

          The reality is that TSC inherently includes OC claim of releasing optimal flow of nerve impulse. They just take huge leaps toward claims beyond that. Isn’t the most obvious “least, common denominator” OC? OC is the logical meeting ground or safe zone.
          The most effective way of convincing someone of something is to teach them something they “already know.” When OC’s engage TSC’s, perhaps emphasizing the common ground and look within their TSC authorities/writings for expression of the OC objective.
          I believe however for people like myself aspiring to come in line with OC from a “medipractor” school (SCUHS), we NEED an OC teacher that firmly, consistently holds the line! The daily forces for an inexorable slide toward medical and disease curing dogma is too powerful to not actively, strenuously resist.

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