The Objective OF Getting Sick People Well…


…is chiropractic’s trivial pursuit.

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  1. Bryson Langel 09/26/2017, 7:07 pm:

    Not if you know how to perform a proper chiropractic analysis and adjustment; I find that “sick people get well” quite consistently.

    A well stated truth: “The results of subluxation are first of all aberrant function of the nerve and tissue cells. Impaired metabolism of the nerve, inflammation and toxicosis. Proper analysis and adjustment can assist in the correction of the problem to allow for a quicker return to normal. Failure of correction can only lead to increased problems to the point of becoming chronic manifesting various symptoms and pathological changes; ulceration, tumors, cancer, etc. Somewhere in this process of degeneration there is a point of no return. Dr. D.D. Palmer was aware of this since the inception of Chiropractic. It is still true today. Determination of the limitations of matter is difficult to do. It is not improper to accept a client for chiropractic care even though the client has been classified as terminal. The client may not be as terminal as some factions might think. Chiropractic care is for everybody, the sick as well as the healthy no matter what age, young or old or anywhere in between simply because Chiropractic care is health care, not disease care.”
    ~ Clarence E. Prill, DC (From: “The Chiropractic Concept” © 1985)

  2. Bryson Langel 09/26/2017, 7:42 pm:

    The objective of “Getting sick people well” is not a trivial pursuit. Tell that to the 50 year old lady with both urinary and fecal incontinence that their “problem is trivial” when compared to the optimum expression of their innate intelligence. Incontinence is objective to the patient and affects their everyday life. The expression of their innate intelligence is subjective and an un-measurable idea to them.

  3. Bryan Fall 09/26/2017, 9:12 pm:

    Admirable the passion you both feel for getting sick people well. However I would recommend getting the background of what objective straight chiropractic is. We need more excellent chiropractors like your selves understanding the nuance of objective straight chiropractic.
    You are already practicing 0SC. You adjust to clear flow of blocked spinal nerve impulses. That is the common ground we all share. However that is where OSC makes no further claims. The healing that follows is highly variable from practice member to practice member. Why? Because the body’s own innate intelligence decides the order in which the body heals its many maladies it may have at any one time. Here’s an plug for Dr. Strauss’s books: read his book chiropractic philosophy. You can get it digitally here or on amazon. Jay Korsen and Joe Strauss has changed my life with solid philosophy that I believe we already agree on!

  4. Bryson Langel 09/27/2017, 5:44 am:

    Bryan, I’m familiar with the OSC philosophy and have read several of the blue books (to include Chiropractic Philosophy). My major beef with OSC is that they seem to cry “limitations of matter” to explain for the lack of consistent results. My real passion is adjusting the cranium and have 15 years experience. Just like following a Meric chart, by using a cranial chart (AKA: brain mapping) we can very accurately predict what types of problems a patient will have based on what cranial plate is subluxated and in what direction. Even more amazing is knowing how fast cranial care delivers results. For example, kids with dyslexia will show an improvement in their reading 15 minutes post cranial adjustment. That’s after the first cranial adjustment. It happens consistently. In my opinion, changing that kids life for the better is no trivial pursuit.

    • Bryan Fall 09/27/2017, 5:16 pm:

      Obviously you get remarkable results. I love hearing and sharing them! I still consider myself a neophyte after practicing for 14 years this June, but I’ve been blessed to see some amazing things happen. I’ve seen an amnesia case where the nurse could not remember birthdates and her address after several months of physical therapy have complete recovery within 2 weeks of being adjusted. I’ve seen COPD reverse and regain 10% of lung volume as diagnosed by a pulmonologist. I’ve seen macular degeneraton disappear. Cancer, colitis, allergies, asthma, etc.

      However I also appreciate humility. I know I did none of those things. The body healed itself. I simply cleared the pathway for optimal neural flow. It neither trivializes the recoveries of people that I love, nor does it decrease the likelihood of them responding to communicate frankly about my limitations as a human being. They love me more for it and they refer all the more.

      We need to focus on the common ground. Optimal nerve flow is a worthy goal if we trust the wisdom within.

      • Joe Strauss 09/28/2017, 8:58 pm:

        True, “optimal nerve flow” is an optimal goal. So is humility, apparently not enough not to claim that you get every amnesia person well. Some people recover from amnesia without ever being adjusted. If every. If amazing results occur on every person every time which so many on this blog clam why are we still not The #1 Health care system despite the attacks of medicine? How come you guys are not world famous names?

        • Bryan Fall 09/28/2017, 10:26 pm:

          My apologies– I am obviously not communicating well here. I thought I covered it when I stated “I know I did none of those things.”

          Actually was attempting to tactfully/diplomatically disagree with someone that believes he gets sick people well. I am in the middle of reading your books (was excited to receive another box of them) and was looking to try my hand at talking shop.

          I’m just beginning my journey practicing with more accurate philosophy–obviously have a long way to go. Would love to see more of our profession find their way to OSC.

        • David Suskin 09/28/2017, 11:11 pm:

          Joe, I hope that these 80/10&10ers answer your question but I sense all we eventually will hear is the sound of crickets.

    • Joe Strauss 09/28/2017, 8:34 pm:

      How can one never have PM die on him and everyone get well every time? You must have so many PM’s, how do you have any time to do anything but adjust that large volume of people 24,7,let alone spend the time advising us indequate peons?

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