Definition of rapport: to bring back 1. especially a relationship marked by harmony, conformity, accord. Does correcting the cause of a disease create a relationship, accord, or harmony with a person/a practice member?
1. If you have explained it is not the chiropractor, but rather the innate intelligence of their body, that heals the body, (if it can be done), and that you are just removing one and only one interference, you are practicing the “harmony/accord” of OSC.
2. If the patient/practice member has not understood that but believe the outside-in/medical viewpoint that there are many causes, you are practicing something else (therapeutic chiropractic).
3. If the patient/practice member thinks “research” has demonstrated that chiropractic can probably correct the cause in you, you are practicing (traditional straight chiropractic). He/she will, depending on the strength of your presentation, stay with you until they are convinced it worked (for that one condition) or it does not work for that one condition (or perhaps for any other). That is the weakness of TSC, and probably why there is such a turnover in TSC practices. They are giving a “nod” to the outside-in approach.

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