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Are absolutes relevant today? If they are, are the 33 principles absolutes?

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  1. David Suskin 10/01/2017, 10:36 am:

    if they were absolutes yesterday, like Pi, that would define their nature as being relevant today and tomorrow. The question is were they ever absolute? The deductive components yes, the inductive components, those are the points of continued questioning.

    • Joe Strauss 10/01/2017, 5:28 pm:

      Deductive conclusions arise from the premise. If the premise is true, the conclusion is true and a principle. Inductive reasoning draws a general conclusion from a particular observation. It usually requires another form of perception to corroborate its truthfulness. When the first person failed to get well under chiropractic care it disqualified the adjustment from being a principle of getting sick people well. To be a principle every person would have to get well from an adjustment. Is P.#28 a principle?

      • Claude Lessard 10/01/2017, 10:48 pm:

        Oh boy. I can’t wait to read David’s and answer to this question šŸ˜‰

  2. David Suskin 10/01/2017, 6:18 pm:

    “P28. The Conductors of Innate Forces ā€“ The forces of Innate Intelligence operate through or over the nerve system in animal bodies.”
    The key words here are “conductors” and “bodies” (versus cell, tissue, organ, system as per “Living” intelligences unique to each). This is an global, empiricism/induction identifying nervous system tissue cells having a capacity to Conduct. Conduction is certainly a mechanistic term (impulse), but assuming vital (mental) usage is based on what we as chiropractors have identified as indicators, “pointers to” that which we have observed as subluxation detection and subluxation removal.
    We call P28 a principle based on the 33 Ps continuity but in essence P28 is Not a principle (deduction). However it does fall in line with the arching ADIO viewpoint and concept of interference and that which avails itself to interference, the removal of interference from P27, that which we have deduced as the perfection, the normalcy of that which 100% seeks to maintain the signs of life P18.
    ADIO is Life as a whole as Law affected by interference (LOM). OIBU is mans assembling of facts and theories to implement and induce change in living matter thru causation as observed and educatedly directed to accomplish specific mechanistic goals.
    Maybe one day I’ll be able to explain and avail myself and others with the chiropractic viewpoint, complete and even with pieces missing

  3. Art Rehe 10/03/2017, 6:28 pm:

    “When the first person failed to get well under chiropractic care it disqualified the adjustment from being a principle of getting sick people well. ”

    When a person does not get well under a CERTAIN chiroprator’s care it only means that that chiroprator did not adjust properly. He either adjusted the right subluxations the wrong type of way, including frequency of adjustment and or length of time under care, he did not adjust the causative subluxations at all, or the patient had permanent nerve distruction involving the causative nerves. I have had hundreds of patients “get themselves well” after seeing numerous other chiroprators who failed to get the job done.

    Chung Ha Su, PhD, ” As little as 5mm hg pressure against a nerve root will cause permanent nerve damage within 3 hours.’

    Mayo Clinic Researchers 1963, “The average American suffers
    destruction of approximately 300,000 nerves every day of his life.”
    (What chiropractors refer to as Limits of Time and Matter.) Destroyed nerves can not heal anything.

    • Joe Strauss 10/03/2017, 7:38 pm:

      Art, do you mean every person should have his/her spine checked every 2.5 hours every day to prevent “impermanent nerve damage within 3 hours” and you do that???

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