If you have no absolutes, you have no principles (immutable standards) and your standards are then changeable. You have set yourself or some other human being (temporarily) as the absolute authority, until and unless you establish another authority. The Thirty-three Principles were not created by BJ/RWS. They were deduced (or in the case of P.#1 (induced and needed/wanted empirical corroboration) and identified by them but they neglected to cite their Source. The Source of the Major Premise the Creator(Gen 1:1). That which was created was not the Source of that law/principle any more than the speed limit signs/laws, while created by the municipality, are the members/persons of that municipality. In that sense the Thirty-three Principles are a creation of the Source but not synonymous with Him. That would be called pantheism and is inconsistent with the view of God in which the Thirty-three Principles were established in 1927.

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