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People establish their world and life viewpoint to a great degree by the importance they place upon their method of perception. That is greatly the result of teaching and training. I might add that most people grew up the same way.I grew up placing my importance on faith/AUTHORITY as the primary method of perception.. I was told not to touch a hot stove by my mother. I believed her because she had earlier told me she loved me and I believed that so I knew in my very limited rational mind that “don’t touch had my best interest in mind. Later, my parents told me not to play in the street, again because of their authority, until I reasoned why,I might b hit by a car. When I understood that, I was allowed to play until a car came by and then we suspended our stick-ball game temporarily.
In college biology I learned Darwinian-ism but only enough to pass the exam. I had already believed “”in the beginning God…” and that made more sense to me.
In chiropractic school, I learned the difference between DIS-EASE and disease and how chiropractic addresses the cause of the former, not the latter. That shaped my chiropractic philosophy and still does today.

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  1. len Edwards 10/27/2017, 11:05 pm:

    I do also

    • Joe Strauss 11/01/2017, 2:26 pm:

      You have already taken the first step in understanding the WALV, something most chiropractors have yet to grasp.

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