Authority Orientation….


… is all about being subject to an authority outside of one’s self. That authority is the innate intelligence and how it is expressed in the 33 principles. Where does “innate thought flashes” come to bear in this issue.

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  1. Claude Lessard 10/31/2017, 3:41 pm:

    There are NO innate thought flashes. Innate intelligence is the LAW of ACTIVE organization. As I understand thoughtflashes or hunches or intuitions or instincts, is that it’s a method of perception using educated intelligence’s memories, precepts, experiences and repetitions, recognizing specific information (codes) that leads to apprehending some parts of reality. –

    – I know that BJ saying that “Innate” communicated with him. It was strictly anthropomorphism. IMHO it was faulty and erroneous reasoning.

    • William Hollensed 10/31/2017, 3:49 pm:

      I like this line of reasoning. It eliminates any consideration of aberrant spiritual influences.

      • Joe D 10/31/2017, 4:00 pm:

        Innate does NOT speak to us or through us. It merely runs our physiology.

        • Joe Strauss 11/01/2017, 3:22 pm:

          Good point Joe. If we had ONLY an ii, which we don’t and no ei, which we do have, we would be fine but… having both creates problems because our educated “tinctures” almost every innate function. I can’t wait until my granddaughter learns how to hold her bladder/bowels!!

          • David Suskin 11/01/2017, 5:53 pm:

            Ignorance Is Bliss?
            Tictures pose major LOM disturbances to ii Normal expression.
            Innate Matter Defects, perhaps based on Educated Intelligence standards or DiPsycho Reality Distortions (OIBU) and Viewpoint, nevertheless do rely on Educated Intelligent ingenuity (theory and research) to attempt to solve what appear to be life’s problems and dramas both real or made up.

      • Joe Strauss 11/01/2017, 2:58 pm:

        That does not exclude the possibility/ existence of divine revelation until 96 AD.

    • Joe Strauss 11/01/2017, 2:53 pm:

      I would agree.

  2. David Suskin 10/31/2017, 10:34 pm:

    Since innate intelligence is a part of and from universal intelligence which is in all matter giving it All properties and actions, may I without condemnation offer the possibility that thot flashes are a product of the function of universal intelligence and the forces (laws) it creates and is expressed by All matter, non living and living, Not a product of innate intelligence.

    • Bryan 11/01/2017, 12:46 am:

      I might be muddying the water but is animal instinct analogous at least? Or is animal instinct a product of innate intelligence rather than UI?

  3. David Suskin 11/01/2017, 12:51 am:

    At times, can instinct infiltrate ones thots?

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