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Was originally based upon Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness based upon divine institutions/laws which included among others the 33 principles for the perpetuation of the earth. Is the CCE ignoring that concept?

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  1. len Edwards 11/10/2017, 8:22 pm:

    CCE has NEVER and will NEVER accept our concepts because our concepts WORKS…..

    • Joe Strauss 11/11/2017, 2:49 pm:

      Len, the key is in understanding what our “concept” is and is not. It is LACVS. That seems to be a sufficient challenge. It is NOT to get sick people well. That is the role of the innate intelligence of the PM’s body body, which if it can be done, is what the innate intelligence has been doing since man first walked the earth.

    • William Hollensed 11/11/2017, 9:15 pm:

      Work or not our concepts will never be acceptable because they are not the easy road to riches and they are not the politically correct lie that our society embraces. And our concepts being good and allowing healing means what we do runs contrary to our evil world entropy

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